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High Strategy: Urukon Cheats

High Strategy: Urukon

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Beginners Guide:
Written by Aldwoni

Guide for Newbies

-=How to Play=-
I will try to make this a play along tutorial.

For this tutorial I have picked the 'Second Expedition' faction not because they are 
easy to play, but because they have a lot of resources to start with.

This is the orange faction on the top left corner of the map.

In this game, each faction will play turns like a boardgame.

On your turn you have 11 options, instead of going from top to bottom, I will discus 
them in an order which allows you to play along.

'Negotiate' is the first I will discuss

With this option you can take over other cities. 
Depending on who lives there, you need to pay resources.

Bigger cities might cost more, but wil also yield more in the long term.

When you click the city you want it is yours.

The second way of taking cities is by force, 'Capture'

This cost either violence or depth depending wether it is a land or sea city.

Most of the time it also costs devices.

The most important drawback is that the enemy may defend it's city.

If it does, both lose resources but the defender wins.

If you have more resources you can simply keeping capture his city until he is out of 

How do you defend your cities?

If other factions use 'Capture' you can use 'Respond'.

This options is also usefull if one of your cities has been targeted by an event you don't like.

Capture simply until somebody is out of resources could mean you are the one losing. 
So in case you are the attacker you could use the 'Infiltrate' option.

This will reduces the cost of capturing the city. You can use it multiple times on a city. 
But there is a small chance you lose your entire progress.

It will also slowly decade if you don't use it.

If you have taken some cities from other players. 
You may lose the resources to continue conquering your neighbours.

The game provide 4 main ways to gain resources.
* The first is 'Recruit'. Which is the main way to gain Violence and Depth.
* The second is 'Nurture'. Which is the main way to gain Love.
* The third is 'Steal' Which is the main way for Fear.
* And there is 'Trade' for the other resources.

While 'Recruit' and 'Nurture' cost the same resources every time. 
The 'Trade' & 'Steal' deals may change between turns.

This is the basic information you need for playing this game.

When you understand the basic of the game there are two other options.

'Build' you can use to build Landmarks, which are expensive but can give important 
benefits when you build them.

And 'Excavate' which is digging for Relics.
 Which have strong bonuses but you only have a small chance to find them.

The last option, 'Pass', is an option, I can't remember to have used. But it exists. 
So maybe it will be useful one day.

When you understand the basics of the game I would start out with Night Kingdom 
the 'Dark Green' faction on the left part of the map, on the island.

Or the Eastern Margraves 'Purple' faction on the right part of the map.

Read the goal and the special rules of your faction.

And see how far you will come in your first game.

All information you think you need is somewhere in the game. 
Not always easy to find or use, but it is there.

-=Where to Get Which Resource=-
Used for: Build, Excavation, Nurture
Gained by: Recruit, Trade, Steal

Used for: Negotiate, Nurture, Recruit, Trade
Gained by: Steal, Trade, Excavation

Used for: Capture, Nurture, Trade
Gained by: Steal, Trade, Excavation

Used for: Negotiate, Recruit, Trade
Gained by: Steal, Trade, Excavation

Used for: Negotiate, Infiltrate, Trade
Gained by: Steal, Trade,Excavation

Used for: Capture, Steal, Respond
Gained by: Recruit, Trade

Used for: Capture, Steal, Respond
Gained By: Recruit, Trade

Used for: Negotiate, Recruit
Gained by: Nurture,Excavation

Used for: Negotiate, Recruit
Gained by: Steal, Excavation
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