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Hi-Fi RUSH Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Disable Intro Video:
Written by SupDos

How to disable the Bethesda/Tango Logo intro when booting up the game.

* First, open the local files for the game.
* Next, navigate to Hibiki/Content/Movies. 
* Delete the two "Bethesda" files.

I believe the photosensitivity warning and the Unreal splash screen are 
baked into the game, so they might not be able to be removed, but will 
look into those later.

How to Transfer GamePass Save to Steam:
Written by LockMatch

If you want to transfer your saves from GamePass to Steam read below.

* Go to:
* C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Packages\BethesdaSoftworks.
* There will be 2 folders one contains 2+mb file this is your saveslot file, 
  and in another there is 24kb file wich is "Profile.sav".
* Copy it to:
  C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Saved Games\TangoGameworks\Hi-Fi RUSH (STEAM)\Saved\SaveGames
* Rename 2+mb to "SaveGameSlot1.sav" and 24kb to "Profile.sav"
* Enjoy your not lost progress.

How to Defeat Kale's 3 Forms:
Written by Luminar

Guide on how to defeat Kale, the final boss of Vandelay industries. 
traight forward on what to do and how to deal with the 3 forms.

-=First Form=-
Fighting the first form of Kale, you will start off in being control of 808, the cat. 
you have to jump over the fire that Kale sends you, then press E on your keyboard to 
scratch him. Do this twice and you have beat the first form

-=Second Form=-
The second form, arguably the hardest for some people, begins with Kale bringing out 4 
doctor octopus like legs out from his body.

One of them is a flamethrower, countered with Korsica.

Another one will a blue shield, which Peppermint will shoot down but you have to be 
fast with that one.

2 of them are Z shields, which Macaron will take down after Kale gets them stuck in 
the ground, and only then. You must hit the Z shields twice for them to be taken down.

-=Third and Final Form=-
In this form, Kale charges himself with inferno, causing him to do powerful attacks, 
some are un-dodgable. The easiest trick i found to beat this phase is to stack up on 
peppermint ability cooldown chips, and spam peppermint until his stamina is down, 
where you can essentially button mash until he dies, or do a good combo string that 
will take down atleast half of his health.

You need to walk around the map on the edges and make sure most of Kales abilities 
donít hit you, there are 2 you need to be careful of: The 3 inferno things that 
target anywhere on the map; and one where Kale tries to jump you. To avoid this you 
need to jump in the air and dodge away from his attack.

This guide applies to every mode except rhythm master, where you need to get a high 
rhythm score in most fights. I completed the fight in hard mode, and the rules should 
apply to normal, easy, etc.

Infinite Money Glitch:
Written by nicj

How to get infinite money (kind of) using shop glitch.

-=How to Do It=-
* Equip the highest cost special attack (the one where you press both thumb-sticks) 
  that you have access to.
* Sell that same special attack.
* Buy anything else.
* Go back to the special attacks screen, and youíll notice that you can sell it 
  again, as if you never did.
* Repeat.
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