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Her Majesty's Ship Cheats

Her Majesty's Ship

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Gameplay Tips:
Written by Every Single Soldier

Navy manual for the basic operations of an 18th century navy ship of the line.

-=Hints and Tips=-
* Avoid combat with Warships and Pirates when on a 3rd Rate Ship.
* Rest your crew at night. The more crew employed at night, the faster the morale drops.
* Intercept ships belonging to your own nation or the Dutch to receive free stores.
* Promote your officers in the Wardroom and get additional ships to command.
* Continually train your crew in the Ratings Mess to improve Event efficiency and 
  the Ship's speed.
* Use the Bell station on the ship to get all available crew to the Sails or Guns.
* Boost morale by increasing food rations at the Galley Station.
* If you intercept too many Dutch ships, they will declare war on you and dispatch 
  a warship to attack you.
* Purchase promotion points for Gold, only at your Home Port.
* Use ships in your squadron to complete your Admiralty Order when you can't 
  complete it in time.
* Select TAB to see progress of other players.
* Jettison excess cargo to make room for new stores by clicking on the stores in 
  the hull of the ship.
* Attack enemy Admiralty objectives to frustrate your opponents and gain good rank points.
* If your sickbay is full an another crew members get injured, they will die as there 
  is no bed available.
* Additional ships in your squadron can initiate combat three times and then proceed back 
  to your Home Port to resupply Replenish food for free at the Palm Tree Islands.
* Scavenge gold and other stores from the Shipwrecks.
* Not all crew has to sleep at night, you can order the to a task at night but it 
  negatively effects the morale Intercepting an Enemy objective that is a ship from 
  your own nation is a great way to earn good promotion points.
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