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Hell Shooter Cheats

Hell Shooter

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

100% Achievements Guide:
Written by Teloah

A very short and simple guide to 100% the achievements of this game.

How to Obtain All Achievements

-=The Achievements=-
The Achievements themselves are fairly simplistic in the fact you need 
to collect a number of souls to unlock the next one.

There are 26 of them (one for every letter of the alphabet) and go up 
in 5 soul increments from 5 to 130.

How do you get souls? There is 2 methods:

-=Method 1=-
Kill the skeletons that are attacking you and collect the glowing object 
they leave behind.

-=Method 2 (Recommended)=-
Look for and collect the floating ? in the map, they can give from 5 to 
40 souls in my experience and always seems to have one on the map though 
they do also "Kill all" and give 1 minute of Infinite grenades.

-=Helpful Strategy=-
My method to quickly get this done is to ignore the skeletons unless they 
are in my way and run around the map in a clockwise motion while collecting 
the floating ?'s on the map. With this method I was able to knock out all 
the achievements in 5 mins!
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