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Hellish Quart Cheats

Hellish Quart

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Tips and Tricks:
-=What is ragdol muscle strength=-
It's how "loose" the animations are. The default standard value for it is around 9.8.

-=How to play training mode=-
It is probably planned for the future patches, by now you can try to use passive AI 
(see below) or you can do it yourself right now actually, set Damage to 0 in options 
and choose Local co-op. Also just press F2 for now to turn off the AI.

-=How to understand moveset and attack=-
Characters automatically move to try and defend any attack you perform if they're in 
a "neutral" position (not attacking). If you can time your attack to interrupt an 
action, and don't hit their weapon on the way in, you'll score a hit. If it's a clean 
enough hit on a vulnerable part of their body, they die. Sometimes if your attack comes 
from a particularly awkward angle for the opponent, their guard won't be in position in 
time and you can hit them from neutral too, but this is unreliable and risky, so 
shouldn't be assumed or expected to be the case by default.

-=How to cut hand or leg=-
It is a rare occasion and you need to hit a perfect place in a perfect time. 
Try Isabelle for heavier slashes.

-=High guard longsword cuts vs sabre=-
It's very easy trying cutting from the high guard with Isabella. It's rather too easy 
to hit the AI if the opponents has a sabre, since they can't parry the attack. Marie 
and Isabella as oppponents can counter it by thrusting, since a high thrust blocks the
 downward strike, but Gideon, Jacek and Barabasz don't do that.

-=How to attack with rapier=-
Don't see the slashes as an attack itself, you can use the slashing to get your rapier 
in position then faint and do a stab, they are highly relying on movement direction, 
with that you can get around the enemies guard, especially when they are striking and 
land killing stabs quiet easily.

-=How to fight against rapier=-
Rapier's weakness is that, well, it does rapiery things. It stabs. Which means it's 
easier to sidestep with immediate counter. But you need to be closer than you think, 
cuz her lunges have incredible range. Or Also sidestep to get in her face for a close 
range punch and cut, long guard for safety and punish her long guard lunges 
(those have the longest recovery).
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