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Helldivers Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Beginnerís Tips and Tricks:
Written by Jšger

A (slowly growing) compilation of hard fought and learned tips and tricks 
from my playtime as a fellow Helldiver. I hope this guide helps you, please
donít hesitate to leave feedback or mention some tips of your own!

-=Tips and Tricks=-
Stay close and always make sure you dress differently from the other team 
mates in the mission so you donít get mixed up and shoot someone.

Have a friend that you can communicate with, (Preferably by voice) carry 
ammo and/or supply packs so they can quickly load your rocket launcher when 
you need to pummel some armoured enemies/objectives. It goes without saying 
that they need to stay CLOSE to you most of the mission.

When using mines, barbed wire or fire walls, be sure to not overlay your 
mines over a mates as this will waste the stratagem. Try to over all entrances 
to and objective that you are defending. If you have 3 paths that enemies will 
come from, cover 2 of them ONLY as you may need an escape route! Also it is 
customary/polite to inform teammates of minefields that may block routes in 
case they get an explosive surprise..

Save your grenades for groups of small enemies, do NOT waste them on armored 
foes or objectives as this will do f-all damage. They work best in dispatching 
lower class enemies.

If you are calling down a shredder please, please, please warn the team BEFORE 
you decide to call it in. I hate to hear the siren go off when I am reloading 
my rumbler or wading through swamp water..

Do not hesitate to leave the area if it gets hot. Knowing when to leave the 
battle is a useful skill. It isnít cowardly if it saves the mission and gives 
everyone some time to breathe!

When playing stealthily, stick close together and turn up sound effects so you 
can hear enemies easier. Though imo stealth in this game is pretty badly done.

When driving a vehicle or using a mech, please watch out for teammates and only 
exit the vehicles when it is FULLY stopped. The damage from exiting them early 
is no joke.

When someone uses a UAV to show where the Samples are on the map. Waypoint the 
furthest ones away from you so you can get them later when the UAV runs out! 
With 4 players you can track down 4 different sample locations too. 
Very efficient

Donít use turrets, for the love of super earth.

If bringing Vehicles into the mission, have at least one helldiver bring the 
Rep-80 to heal them (Heals fellow teammates too!). This will extend their life
during the mission.

If you donít know what to bring into a mission, just take ammo. 
It always helps and it always gets used!

When sweeping for mines in the minefield objective, once you discover a mine, 
leave it for the other teammates to defuse as you can be more efficient when 
you start looking for the next mine straight away.

If you take a dead playerís gear, always give it back (If possible.)

Have ONE player direct the routes and direction of travel at all times. A 
split command stretches the screen and makes it hard to play for everyone.

Donít kick noobs. If you do, you are worse than a cheater. You are giving a 
new player a bad experience of the game which may turn them away from it!

When fighting bosses. Discuss a strategy BEFORE you go into the mission. It is 
extremely hard to wing the boss missions, even with good equipment. Teamwork 
is hiiighly recommended here.

Read up and ask other teammates what the ďbestĒ items/stratagems are before 
blowing your research point load in one go on random stuff in the store.

Play with friends on voice chat with game sound (Especially music) on low to 
get the best experience communication wise. Typing is only so fast and leaves 
you vulnerable. Iíve witnessed many marines die from keyboard paralysis on the 
battlefield, so tragic.

Try to play with different weapons and especially stratagems to find out what 
works best with you. You might be comfortable using a rocket launcher, however 
you might be an amazing support with the rep-80. Mix and match! Obviously donít 
go as support if your teammate(s) are already doing that.

If you want to play a certain species after they have been defeated, start the 
preferred planet on the difficulty that you want and then you can finish the 
missions within it at your own leisure. Just donít pick a different species/ 
planet or you wonít be able to go back to it until the next war begins!

Use the map frequently (TAB) when stationary or when guarding an objective to see 
movement of enemies. The distractor beam NEED PROPER NAME is very useful to delay 
enemy patrols from going to objectives when used a distance away and BEFORE 
entering the objective zone. (Especially useful when it is called into a thin 
path that will funnel enemies to you after it expires!)

When playing retaliatory strikes (Which I personally hate) always move around 
and do not use any kind of turrets, shredders, or large area denial stratagems 
as they could backfire and trap your team into a corner! Enemies love to drop 
down past your defenses and render it all useless. Be ready to dive, run or 
jump at a momentís notice!

The rep-80 can also heal shipwreck survivors as well as players and vehicles! 
Though not objectives themselves which is a shame.

When fighting assassination targets, ensure that you have anti tank weapons 
ready and also an escape route. There is nothing nice about coming face to face 
with a cyborg warlord and realizing that your bullets aint gonna cut it! (Taking 
AntiTank or Armor piercing capable weapons into Cyborg planets above difficulty 
5 is a must!)

When parking APCs or tanks at a defense objective, park them facing where enemies 
might come from to cover a direction without needing to drive it further or out 
of the way.

When burning from acid or fire, you can dive to extinguish the flames quickly.

When calling down other players with the reinforce stratagem, throw the blue ball 
away from danger and towards that fallen players gear. It may sound obvious but 
a lot of players just throw it anywhere while they are moving around, even into 
a group of enemies *Facepalm*

Friendly Fire, isnt

When calling down Vehicles at the start of the mission, only call them down AFTER 
everyone has called in their gear. The reason for waiting is that you donít want 
your precious bulky apc squished by an incoming supply of ammo..

If you find yourself running out of ammo often, get someone in the team to bring 
a resupply pack or an ammo stratagem itself. However if you are the one carrying 
the resupply pack, you CANíT get ammo from yourself, only give it to other players.

Fighting Illuminates & General Tips:
Written by Dynamiez

Ok, i fought Illuminates a thousand times, mostly with randoms and here are the tips 
for all those players i often see totally ignored. The most basic tips are already 
summarized in this guide.

=General Tips=-
* Donít throw reinforcement in the middle of the enemys if a team member diedÖ BUT, 
if there are no enemys around or they are far away please throw reinforcement right 
on top of the dead members equipment. If you throw him 1 Km away, he has to run the 
whole range back to his equip before he can fight again with 100% strength.

* Mechs are strong. Sure. But you know what you need the strength for? Because your 
turning speed is really slow you will trigger every alarm. The whole mission. So 
your mech has enourmus firepower but you need this mighty firepower mostly because 
you USE the mech.

* If you are leading the civilians, donít stop. They get one hitted by almost 
everything, so just go.

* What i often experience: If somebody carries an ammo backpack and you use a laser, 
donít grab his ammo. You donít need it because your laser has unlimit ammo. And the 
guy with the ammo backpack? There will be a reason he carries this backpack. Mostly 
because he uses a weapon that needs a lot of ammo, and he HASNíT unlimit of it. So 
you are using a laser? No ammo for you!

* Donít throw a nuke at the end of a mission unless all teammates are already in the 
shuttle. I canít count how often i saw somebody throwing the nuke as soon as the 
shuttle lands, then a light wall spawns and people canít go to the just landed shuttle 
and BOOM! Mission failed and credits go to the moron thinking it is cool to throw a 
senseless nuke at the end of the mission.

* If you are down and perhaps even the last player alive and the enemys are heading 
to you, call reinforcment. Donít try to get up or shoot your last magazine at the 
enemy. Just call reinforcment. There is even an achievement for doing this.

* If you shoot at your teammate and he is down, you should at least have the decency 
to help him up.

* The trident and the rumbler are infamous for teamkilling. If you took one of those 
weapons and you killed teammates, take another weapon OR try to learn from your 
mistakes and learn to aim better. I have seen it a thousand times that somebody is 
teamkilling like a moron and continous shooting blindly like he doesnít even care.

* If you are joining a game remember that you are a ďguestĒ. If you are air-punching 
the whole time to run a tiny bit faster and the host asks you to stop itÖ STOP it! 
And IF you are constantly running in front air-punchingÖ dont trigger 
every alarm while screen pulling and you dont see enemys in front. You make a fool 
out of yourself for beeing ďproĒ and at the same time triggering every alarm.

* Donít leave the game right after entering the shuttle. (Dont know why people do 
this, perhaps to join the next game fasterÖ) If you do this, the rest of the team 
gets one star deducted for ďnot every member was evacuatedĒ.

-=Tips for Fighting Illuminates=-
* STFD. Shoot the fÖ. drones. Donít fight for hours endless spawning enemys, as 
long as you donít shoot the drones as highest priority the fight will never end. 
And you donít get additional XP or something for kills.

* The static fieldÖ what are you using it for when fighting illus? The robots are 
immune to it. They walk right through it. The snipers? They have no intention to 
walk at all. They stay behind the static field and shoot at you. The  Illusionsists 
and council members? They can teleport, and they will do exactly that if they get 
stucked in a static field. And even if they would get stuckedÖ they are rangers too. 
The drones? Remember 1. STFD! So all your static field is good for is a few melee 
units you could otherwise shoot with your pistol. And mostly all you slow down to 
a crawl is: you and your teammates. Hurray

* You can shoot the orbs from illusionists and council members. And even from the 
boss. There are blue and white orbs. The blue ones do minimal damage but confuse 
you a few seconds. The white orbs are the ones you should definitivly shoot because 
they do a ton of damage. Escpecially when fighting the boss. If you ignore them, 
they stay for a time and curve back, a bit homing.
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