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Hell Let Loose Cheats

Hell Let Loose

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How To Skip The Intro Movies:
In a hurry to get into a server but the introís are keeping you back? 
Hereís how to fix that!

-=Follow these simple steps=-
Go to 
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Hell Let Loose\HLL\Content\Movies
* Either delete the files completely or add a number to their name in the end.
* And BAM! Now you are in the game faster than ever!
* Want the intro movies back? 
* Verify the gameís cache and it will redownload the files, 
  or remove the number from the video fileís name!!

Infantry Tips for Beginners:
Written by OykotCB

This guide is about tips for Infantry and some basics in case you are struggling 
in the Battlefield. This guide will also go over some new mechanics released in 
Patch 2. So yeah, a few tips for infantry and maybe this could help you on the 
battlefield. There are 4 tips that could help you on the battlefield.

-=Tip 1: Leaning=-
Leaning is a new mechanic released in Patch 2. Leaning can be done by pressing Q 
and E. You can use leaning behind trees, and rocks. Leaning will not work if you 
are prone. So when you are crouching or standing, you can use lean. Also a good 
tip is to lean against walls, and lean against houses. Locations to use leaning. 
Any house on an objective: Like Houses in St. Marie Du Mont. Sometimes you can 
use them in trenches for close quarters trench combat. Behind trees, fences, 
hedgerows, and rocks. Leaning can help you get good spots off at enemies around a 
corner, it also helps you get a good idea without having to expose your whole body 
to the enemy or the open. Overall, you can use leaning to get at the enemy before 
they get at you.

-=Tip 2: Cover=-
A self explanatory tip is of course cover. Crouching behind rocks, and other 
objects like trees, houses, tanks, hedgerows, fences, trenches, logs, etc. Hiding 
behind them makes you safe from direct shots at your location, unless they flank 
you. Along with using leaning behind cover, you can get an edge against your enemy. 
Cover already helps, but also using the new lean feature can really help for your 
own safety. Cover can be taken advantage by the enemy too, so to counter cover is 
to use grenades at enemy cover like objects enemies could be hiding behind. 
Throwing grenades or shooting at logs, trees, houses etc can scare the enemy or 
kill them if they are behind those cover objects. Or you could just flank them 
without the enemies noticing their location has been compromised.

-=Tip 3: Smoke=-
Smoke is used to advance forward and also to protect your own self from enemies. 
But beware, enemies and friendlies will shoot at your smoke. Friendlies will 
especially if they do not have their markers set up to 500 meters. The smoke is 
very white and bright. It is blinding for anyone so it is perfect for you. Just 
be careful because you will not be able to see your enemies either. It is best 
used to advance from one place to another. As long as they don't get a lucky shot 
and kill you through the smoke.

Smoke can be used in open fields, and to move forward in open locations. 
Artillery can also fire smoke, as well as most roles should have smoke too. 

-=Tip 4: Terrain=-
Terrain like hills can be very useful. Rivers, not so much compared to hills 
anyways. Hide behind hills to protect yourself from the enemy if the enemy is 
on the other side of the hill. Also if you are on top of the hill, look down at 
any charging enemies that will be free for you to kill. Snipers can really use 
this location. Just make sure you can breathe if you get too far up on the high 
ground. Hills can be used to charge and flank objectives. Hurtgen Forest is a 
great example, the hill to the east of North Pass is a great location to flank 
and kill the enemy if you are the Axis.

Simple Guide to AT Guns:
Written by Rat Bastard

Nothing fancy, just some stuff I've learned after playing this game too much.

-=General Tips=-
I remember a discussion with one of the devs talking about how the mobility/speed of 
AT guns must be carefully balanced. AT guns are potent in their current form.

I've been actively testing gun emplacement, timing and effectiveness. Enemy armor is 
a terrible thing to behold. Always, there are players running around screaming "AT! AT!", 
as their teammates are blown to bits. Tanks are death machines and I treat them as such.

Quick advice on how to stop those enemy tank crews from having so much fun:

IMO, AT guns are most useful when building them to quickly destroy an active and relatively 
immobile tank. In other words, a tank that you actually see, or a tank that is marked. I 
see a lot of AT guys building guns in anticipation/hope of destroying an enemy tank that 
happens to pass by. This is valid, but AT guns are cumbersome to traverse and "getting lucky" 
seldom works, in my experience. Lately, I've almost exclusively been building an AT gun only 
if I have an active target to fire at (yes, strong points are juicy targets, too).

It takes a little experience to quickly find an ideal spot and to properly position the gun.

The number one most important thing to do when using an AT gun is make sure you have all your 
team markers set to 500m.

Find a secure position and angle the gun directly at your target. Try to center the barrel 
on the optimal field of view. You can turn the gun as you're placing it with the Q and E 
keys. Position the gun in a secure area away from enemy fire, if you can. The farther the 
better. This is the most difficult step. You have to get it right the first time. The gun's 
effective range is phenomenal. Elevated positions are best. Elevation is shown on the maps,
 but it is hard to read. Low-lying areas are shown as groups of red hash marks. Obstructing 
terrain can be troublesome..."A Fence", if you will. Finding a good, elevated position is 
half the battle. Even slight elevation can make a huge difference for your line of fire.

A properly trained AT guy knows the value of the Support class. These two, together, can 
bring some serious firepower to the field. Support drops supplies, AT builds the gun. 

Both guys man the gun for the quick tank kill or bombardment of the hard point in prep 
for assault.

Cross your fingers and hope the enemy tank doesn't spot you as you send rounds at it. 
A tank will one-shot an AT gun and kill the crew. Enemy infantry will try to kill you.
A few clicks later, hopefully, Dead Tank and/or captured point.

Warfare Defensive Guide:
Written by Darth Bills

For those who love teamwork, communication, and efficient defense.

Ideally, you want a minimum of a Squad Leader, Support and Engineer. Having other squad 
members with hammers and a Machine Gunner for defensive purposes.

Typically I choose the second point to amass a large fortress in the event that your 
offensive squads cannot take the third point or struggle to hold it.

What you want to do (after building nodes of course) is to have your engineer begin 
building defenses on the second point, have the Squad Leader constantly running a supply 
truck back and forth from HQ to the point.

Support constantly feeds supplies every 5 minutes, and assists with building. Pick a 
sector in or around the point, North/East/West (wherever you believe youíll see the most 
action in the beginning.

Set up a bunker for your MG to defend, barricades nearby it to help hold it or get back 
to it if you face heavy resistance, and barbed wire to blockade certain hedges, streets 
or to redirect enemy traffic where you prefer them to go.

-=Engineer #2=-
Once the first engineer has placed everything possible, itís ideal to have him switch 
with the support or another squad member to repeat this strategy. Other very helpful 
variables would include the commander spawning a secondary supply truck, and having 
another squad member run constant supplies. Also having a second defensive squad with 
an additional engineer would make for faster and larger defenses.

I often hear people complaining about defense, but my friends and I agree that it can 
be far more fun than offense when done right. Even smaller defensive squads can take 
down overwhelming forces if you funnel them into friendly MG fire, if you have armor 
support, or if you blockade nearly every entrance and make getting anywhere near the 
friendly point, hell on Earth.

This is just a summary of what I typically do and command my fellow squad mates to do 
during Warfare in Hell Let Loose, and in the best of situations, youíll have upwards of 
6 bunkers to cover every entrance and then some, up to 24 barricades, 24 barbed wires 
making it nearly impossible for enemies to approach the point, and youíll also have 
mines set up, repair stations for friendly tanks and a massive support effectiveness 

Anyone else do something similar? Any other advice you would offer to help newer and 
veteran players alike to amass a successful defense? Iíd love to hear it!

New Squad Leaders Tips:
The single most important thing you do as a squad leader, is place down spawn points. 
Listen to your squad. When they tell you the OP is gone, make putting a new one down, 
the priority. It literally cuts average spawn time in half.

Often, a squad leader and a few other players are in the strong point, and the squad 
leader is informed of the OP being gone. Instead of getting one down, allowing his 
squad to come and help, they spend the next 2 minutes moving around the strong point, 
and end up getting killed. If the garry is also gone, the squad canít help.

Sometimes, the SL is informed the OP is down, and he just spawned at a Garry thatís 
200 to 400 meters from the strong point. They decide they want to get closer to the 
point to get a better placement of the OP. NO! Do not do that, because the odds are, 
the closer you get to the point, the more likely you will be killed. Iíve seen SLís 
do this 3 or 4 times, before they finally get the OP placed down.

Instead, get one placed as quickly as you can, even if itís right next to the garry. 
Worry about a better placement after your squad spawns in, and you successfully make 
it to the spot you want to place one.

If you do just this alone, your squad will appreciate you. The rest you will pick up 
the more you play.

One other thing is that you have binos. You have the ability to greatly increase the 
situational awareness of your squad. You also have the ability to place more permanent
 ďpings.Ē Those are the orange colored graphics you see in game and on the map. 
Practice placing them, both using the map, and just by pointing at what it is you 
want to mark, and then selecting from the radial menu. On PC, thatís the simply 
holding the middle mouse button to bring up the menu. IMHO, this is best down with 
the binos, and holding shift to stop the swaying.

By placing these, you inform the whole team, not just your squad.

Note: just doing these things will get your more commendations than almost anything 
else you do in game.

Relax, and have fun with it. The SLs get some pretty good weapon upgrades, so start 
racking up the XP in SL as soon as you can.

TL;DR: The #1 thing is to keep OPs up so your squadís respawn time is cut in half. 
Do that and they will be happy with you. Relax, and grow into the rest.
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