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Hearts of Iron IV Cheats

Hearts of Iron IV

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Press ~ the console window should show up.

Code                     Effect	
tp                     - Activates teleporting.
ale [amount]           - Adds latest equipment of desired number.
ae [amount] [name]     - Adds specific equipment of desired number.
debug_nuking           - Allows nuking any province without specific conditions.
adiplo                 - Allows usage of all diplomatic actions.
instantconstruction.   - Buildings finish in all day. Affects AI players too.
event [event id]       - Executes an event.
help                   - Shows list of all commands.
manpower               - 10 million manpower.
research_on_icon_click - Click on a technology to research.
instantconstruction    - Instant construction (also affects AI players).
ic                     - Instant construction (also affects AI players).
fow                    - Remove fog of war.
winwars                - Give 100% warscore.
adiplo                 - Allow usage of all diplomatic actions.
allowdiploadiplo       - Allow usage of all diplomatic actions.
ae [amount] [name]     - Add specific equipment.
pp                     - 999 politcal power.
xp                     - 999 military experience.
research all           - All research complete.
ai_accept              - AI accepts everthing you send them.
tag [country tag]      - Change playable nation.

Press ~ the console window should show up.

Code                                     Effect	
civilwar [ideology] [country tag]      - Starts a civil war in desired country.
whitepeace [tag] [tag]                 - White peace between specific countries.
add_equipment [amount][equipment name] - Add chosen equipment	
add_latest_equipment 5000              - Add 5,000 of the latest equipment in 
                                         every category.

Note: Some examples are "civilwar fascism POL" for the fascists to start a civil
 war in Poland, "civilwar democratic ITA" for the democrats to start a civil war 
in Italy, and "civilwar communism AST" for the communists to start a civil war i
n Australia.

Equipment names:
Use one of the following names with the "add_equipment [amount] [equipment name]" code:

Support Equipment
Modern Tank
Infantry Equipment III
Light Tank II
Medium Tank
Super Heavy Tank
Towed Anti-Tank
Towed Anti-Air
Towed Artillery
Rocket Artillery
Fighter I
Close Air Support I
Heavy Fighter
Tactical Bomber I
Strategic Bomber I

Activate Console + Cheat Codes Guide:
Written by Maverick_Sidious

Here is a guide with every “cheat codes” in the game.

-=Activating Console=-
* To get started with Cheat Codes, they are a game feature that work 
  only in single player.
* You don’t risk anything using those.
* You won’t get any achievement using console commands.
* To open console in game, you have to use one of these hotkeys:

˛ – Usually under ESC button.
ALT + 2 + 1
Then, simply enter the command(s) you want to use and close console back with 
one of those hotkeys.

-=Cheat Codes: Construction=-
ic – Stands for “Instant Construction”. AI will use it aswell, you can activate
it and pause the game, after you’re done with constructions you can deactivate it 
and unpause the game.
-=Cheat Codes: Focuses=-
Focus.AutoComplete – If the two commands below are activated, you’ll be able to 
instant complete any focus. AI will also use it, you might aswell deactivate it 
after doing a focus and reactivate it when you need it.
Focus.NoChecks – Ignores focus requirements.
Focus.IgnorePrerequisites – Ignores focus prerequisites.
-=Cheat Codes: Nuking=-
nuke {amount} – Gives nukes depending on the value chosen. Maximum is 999.
Example: nuke 999
debug_nuking – Allows nuking any province without taking care of conditions.

-=Cheat Codes: Politics=-
pp {value} – Gives political power depending on the value chosen. Maximum is 2000.
Example: pp 2000
allowdiplo – Allows use of any diplomatic action without justification.
Decision.NoChecks – Ignores decisions’ requirements.
yesman – Every AI countries will automatically accept diplomatic offers.
add_opinion {source country tag} {target country tag} – 
Gives a better opinion of a country to another.
Example: add_opinion GER SOV
add_party_popularity {ideology group} {amount} – 
Adds specific ammount of ideology percentage in the country you’re playing.
-=Ideology Groups are=-
c – Communist party. Stands for “communism”.
d – Democratic party. Stands for “democratic”.
f – Fascist party. Stands for “fascism”.
n – Other party. Stands for “neutrality”.
Example: add_party_popularity f 75
set_ruling_party {ideology group} –
Changes ruling party depending on ideology group chosen. Doesn’t affect party popularity.
Example: set_ruling_party f
civilwar {ideology} {country tag} – Starts a civil war on country chosen.

communism – Communist party.
democratic – Democratic party.
fascism – Fascist party.
neutrality – Other party.
Example: civilwar fascism fra
-=Cheat Codes: Research=-
research all – Researches all.
research_on_icon_click – Researches any technology on its tree on click.

-=Cheat Codes: XP and war=-
xp {amount} – Adds specified amount of “xp” for army, naval and air experiences. Maximum is 500.
cp {amount} – Adds specified amount of “command power”. Maximum is 100%.
st {amount} – Adds specified amount of “stability”. Maximum is 100%.
ws {amount} – Adds specified amount of “war support”. Maximum is 100%.
gain_xp {amount} – Adds specified amount of xp to general selected. Maximum level is 9.
Example: gain_xp 50000
annex {tag} – Annex country depending on tag chosen. “annex all” will annex every 
countries not on the same faction as you.
Example: annex IRE
Example: annex all
winwars – Makes you win all the wars you were in.
bypass_invasion_superiority_check – Ignores requirements for naval invasions.
-=Cheat Codes: Tags=-
tag {tag} – Changes the country you’re controlling to another depending on tag chosen.
Example: tag ger:
-=Important Countries=-
FRA – France
USA – United States
ENG – United Kingdom
GER – German Reich
ITA – Italy
SOV – Soviet Union
POL – Poland
CHI – China
As for the others, you can enter “tdebug” on console and you’ll see the country tags when 
browsing through the countries.

Strategy for France:
Written by The Canadian Kaiser

This guide is Supposed to Show you (and teach you) new, and improved Strategies 
for France with the start date being 1936.

During these 3 years Germany will become a lot stronger and demand a lot of land saying 
"ThErE aRe EtHnIc GeRmAnS liViNg ThErE." dont stop it. Let germany annex all the Land they 
want to, after all you dont want to risk war, you are trying to keep the fragile peace of 
world war 1.

But you can try and keep the peace by guaranteeing countries like Poland, this will give 
them a false sence of Security and they will not give in to Germanys demans since they 
think you are backing them. Also you should join the allies during this period, since 
you need someone to free help you anyway.

The Situation is: you have joined The allies, you and Britain are guaranteeing Poland 
and Germany sent poland an ultimatum about danzig.

You need to tell Poland you will support them, this will cuase them to decline the 
Ultimatum and start a war. You and the rest of the allies will join the war, and wait. 
You should move all your troops to the Maginot Line since Germany would never attack 
trough Belgium. after a short bit Poland should surrender, keep Doing nothing.

Sometime in early 1940 Germany will attack Denmark and Norway, you dont need to care 
about it, Britain has the Navy, not you. Next Germany will attack you, if they try to 
go through Belgium (which is highly unlikley) then dont stop them, hold the Maginot 
Line. If everything goes well you should surrender in at most 2 months.

During this time you wont be able to do much, you will be fully occupied by Germany 
and the only land you have left is Africa. Dont use your remaining ships and units, 
let them sit around.

In 1944 The allies will do the D-Day landings and invade Normandy, from there on they 
will free you. once they have capured paris you will once again be able to join the 
fight, But dont. Let them do it all.

Then once Germany surrenders you can act like one of the big players, without actually 
participating in the War.

Most Beginner Friendly Nations:

You can do what ever you want with them. You have enough factories at the start to 
make a lot of divisions and you have the focus tree to have even more. And you can 
invade who you want pretty fast. Germany for the first 900 hours. Then maybe think 
about soviet union.

-=United Kingdom=-
UK will force players to use naval missions at the very least to contain Germany and 
to build planes to prevent a blitz of London.

It is particularly beginner friendly. Do not listen to anyone talking about “upcoming 
invasion in a little over a year!”. Nothing but propaganda.

You just sit on your ass all game and are free to take your time to do whatever you 
want since the AI won’t try to bumrush you at the start of the game.

Isn’t a bad option for a “chill, let me learn the game” sort of playthrough. Big enough 
to have some things to do while not really on any major power’s hit list.

How to Defeat Germany as USSR:
* For France/USSR part of it is just defending until you see Germany running low 
  on equipment or once D-Day or other landing has happened. So as long as it’s not 
  like, way late like ’45 or something you’re all right.
* The big things things are negating German air superiority, so get a load of planes 
  built and support AA on all your units.
* Then do your attack pushes with tanks not infantry if you can help it. The AI is 
  pretty bad at countering armor so most of the time they can’t really pen anything,
  or rather the AI doesn’t beef up its anti-tank in the face of superior tanks.
* So yeah get like, 4-6 decent tank divisions and do little pincers to surround 
  small pockets of Germans and just break them down slowly over time.
* Crack German codes helps too, as well as putting your spies on the frontline, 
  just stack everything you’ve got.
* And of course make sure you’ve gotten rid of all those USSR maluses before 
  bothering to attack.
* But yeah if you’re holding the line that’s like 90% of the way there, Germany 
  will just crash on your lines and slowly lose their manpower and equipment until
  you can counter and just slice through them.

-=Two Actions During Defense=-
* Against the AI one way is to encourage the AI to launch attacks and then counter-
  attack when it has many disorganised divisions.
* Another approach is to open a second front. Apart from getting some progress there 
  the AI may weaken its own lines. One way to get a second front is to attack Sweden 
  and then cross into Denmark. If you have liberated Norway beforehand Sweden will 
  fall quickly.

-=Land Forces=-
High quality inf divisions (2-4 in line artillery, AA), air superiority and CAS after 
that is achieved, medium/heavy armor to affect breakthrough encirclements (supported 
by motorized divs to secure the encirclement) all being general purpose quality 

Basic Guide:
Written by stian19_9

Here are some of the basics of the game.

-=Country Selection=-
In the game, players can select any nation that existed during World War II. Each 
country has its own strengths and weaknesses, and some are more challenging to play 
than others.

-=Game Modes=-
There are several game modes available in Hearts of Iron 4, including single-player, 
multiplayer, and co-op. Players can also select from various scenarios or create their 
own custom scenarios.

Resources are an essential aspect of the game. Each country has access to various 
resources, including manpower, oil, steel, and aluminum. These resources are used to 
build factories, research technology, and recruit troops.

Technology is crucial in the game, as it allows players to develop new weapons, vehicles, 
and other technologies that can give them an advantage in battle.

Diplomacy is an essential part of the game, as players need to navigate complex alliances 
and diplomatic relations to achieve their objectives. Players can form alliances, declare 
war, and negotiate peace treaties with other nations.

The military is the backbone of the game, and players need to build and manage their army, 
navy, and air force. Players can recruit and train troops, build military factories, and 
develop their military technology.

Production is a critical aspect of the game, as players need to produce weapons, equipment, 
and vehicles to support their military. Players can build factories and manage their 
production lines to ensure they have the resources they need to win the war.

-=Have Fun!=-
These are just some of the basics of Hearts of Iron 4. As you play the game, you will d
iscover many more strategies and tactics that you can use to achieve your objectives. 
Good luck, and have fun!

How to Win as Luxembourg:
Written by stian19_9

Winning Hearts of Iron IV as Luxembourg can be a challenging task, as Luxembourg is a 
small nation with limited resources and manpower. However, with a well-planned strategy,
it is possible to achieve victory. Here are some steps you can follow.

-=Join a Faction=-
Luxembourg is not strong enough to fight alone, so it’s important to join a faction as 
soon as possible. Joining a faction like the Allies or the Axis can provide you with 
additional military and economic support.

-=Focus on Industry=-
To be successful in the game, you need a strong industrial base. As Luxembourg, you have 
limited resources, so it’s important to prioritize the development of your industry. Build 
civilian factories and military factories to produce weapons, equipment, and infrastructure.

-=Build Up Your Army=-
Despite having limited resources, Luxembourg can still have a strong army. Train and equip 
your troops with basic equipment like infantry weapons, artillery, and support companies. 
Focus on building up your infantry divisions, as they will form the backbone of your army.

-=Secure Your Borders=-
Luxembourg is surrounded by larger nations, so it’s important to secure your borders to 
avoid invasion. Build forts and deploy troops along your borders to deter aggression from 
neighboring countries.

-=Participate in the War=-
As a small nation, you might not have the military power to make a significant impact on 
the war. However, you can still participate and support your allies by sending troops, 
providing resources, and performing other tasks.

-=Exploit Opportunities=-
In war, opportunities arise, and it’s important to exploit them to gain an advantage. Look 
for weak points in the enemy’s defense, and try to take advantage of them.

-=Be Patient=-
Winning Hearts of Iron IV as Luxembourg is not an easy task, and it will take time and 
patience. Don’t rush into battles without a plan, and be prepared to face setbacks along 
the way.

-=Good Luck!=-
By following these steps, you can increase your chances of winning Hearts of Iron IV as 
Luxembourg. Remember that the game is all about strategy, so be prepared to adapt your 
plans as the situation changes. Good luck!

How to Organize a War:
Written by Maya-Neko
1.Research and unit build up

It’s mostly about what types of weapons you’ll use and that’s what you research early on. 
For small countries that’s mostly infantry weapons and artillery.

Also if you’re just starting out, also consider the order of your political and military 
advisers, especially the ones which give you attack or defense are helpful for countries 
which struggle to pump out enough division.

Also try to estimate how big your frontline will be and how bad your supply could get. 
Less can be more in many cases, especially in the jungle and mountains, where you can 
get tons of supply problems very fast.

2. Plan your war build up
Many countries which are featured in the country selection have specific focuses to wage 
war with other countries without the need to justify it. I would be surprised if Peru has
 something like that, so you’ll mostly take the hit of needing to justify it yourself.

An alternative to that is waiting for the big wars to start and then to join a big faction 
(preferably one, that has some targets in your area for you to attack). Though obviously 
you’ll most likely face strong opponent, but your allies will most likely help you as well.

Also this is the time, where you need to start training your units. They should at least 
be level 2, so that they don’t get the green-debuff, but level 3 is obviously optimal, 
especially for smaller countries

3.Go to war

Though not immediately when the games allows you to. Make sure, that your units are 
placed correctly on the right border and that they’re assigned to the right frontlines. 
Also definitely make sure, that they’re not in training mode and that they’re replenished 
all their organization and that their planning bonus and fortification is maxed out.

And in general: Make sure that your conscription law is high enough, so that you’ve some 
manpower in reserve. Same is also important for your equipment.

Take a look into your logistics tab to make sure, that you’ve more weapons than needed, 
because you’ll for sure loose tons of them in wars. And most importantly, don’t train 
divisions, if you’ve problems with equiping your already existing division (especially 
in terms of manpower)
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