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Heart of Darkness Cheats

Heart of Darkness

Submitted by: kumayl hassan

Because Andy likes his lessons at school so very, very
much, he listens
carefully to what the teacher is telling. To miss none
of it, Andy is 
sitting in the attentive way. That is with his arms on
the desk and his head on his arms... 
The teacher however makes a big mistake by assuming
that Andy has fallen asleep. 

The bastard throws Andy right away into the dark hole!

Fortunately Andy is saved by the bell! 
He runs out of the school into the open fields. Once
there, he is a 
witness of a eclipse of the sun... When the light
returns, Andy's dog 
has gone. He seems to bee taken off by a strange force
from out of 

Andy doesn't have to think twice. He decides to go
after his dog. As 
soon as he gets home he climbs into his treehouse and
steps into his 
Super Spaceshuttle and starts of the final countdown. 

Just in time he remembers that he has forgotten to
take his most 
important luggage... His helmet and his weapons! 

He hops out of his spaceshuttle and grabs all the
stuff he needs. Now nothing can't go wrong... 

Well, nothing!? 

After his take-off, some miner things are yet going
wrong. The flight 
isn't going as smooth as he wanted and his touchdown
really looks more like a final breakdown... 

After his Spaceshuttle got stuck between the two
Canyons he hops out 
of  it and walks straight into his very surprising

The Walkthrough:
Level One , The Canyon of Death 

Hop out of the shuttle and go to the right. Shoot the
shadow. If you don't, the shadow will kill you! Go to
the right and shoot the skeleton that is hanging from
the rock. In the next screen to the right, you will
find another skeleton that is hanging from the rock.
Shoot this one too. In the next screen, it seems that
your passage is blocked. Stand in the middle of the
screen and shoot the rock in the upper right corner.
This will open a hole and lots of shadows will come
out. Kill all the shadows as they come out. 

As soon as you are about to leave this screen at the
right, again lots of shadows will come out. Turn
around and shoot these shadows too. After that, go to
the right and kill all the shadows again. When you
reach the screen with the shadows that look like rats,
you will have to jump over the most of them. You
really can't kill some of these... You can kill the
first one, but not the next four of them. "Just" jump
over them. The next ones you can kill! Don't go any
further until you are sure there are no more shadows
coming. Then go to the right again. 

At the very right end, you will now see a green hole.
You might think that's the exit to the next level...
Wrong this green hole leads to nowhere! 

Instead of walking into the green hole, you should
climb the ladder in the middle of the screen. Don't
climb the ladder right now. You will see that there
are two more shadows above the ladder. One that is
ducking down at the top of the ladder and one that
keeps on frightening the other one. Wait until the
shadow above the ladder jumps up and then shoot that
one. After that you can shoot the other shadow! 

After that, climb the ladder and go to the right.
Surprise... a big fellow jumps out of nowhere and eats
all of your equipment! Don't try to fight back, just
run away to the right as soon as you can. If you are
waiting to long, other shadows will come and grab you
on your way to the right. So, run until you reach the
small bridge. Slow down over there or you will fall
of! After you crossed the bridge, run further to the
right until you reach the sunbeam. The shadow will be
killed by the light... 

Go further to the right. You will now come to an
orange looking rock. Climb up and look at the way the
black lizard climbs up the wall. If you can't go up
any further, jump to the right twice. Climb down and
walk to the right end of the ledge. Climb up again
until you can't go any further, jump to the right and
climb up again. Now you are standing on a ledge next
to something that looks like backbone. It seems that
you can't go any further! Well, jump twice at the same
spot and you will fall down, just upon the big
skeleton. Climb up along the wall until you can't go
any further. Jump to left to the skeleton. Climb up
until you reach the mouth of the skeleton. 

When you reach the skeleton's mouth you need to
quickly jump and catch the ledge to your right. If you
are waiting to long, the mouth will close and you will
be crushed! Climb up and push the bone, then climb
down and push it across the ledge. Walk to the left
across the bone and climb up... 

Level Two , Swamp Lands 

Walk to the right and stand under the vine that is
dangling down. Jump up and grab the vine. Walk to the
right until the edge of the swamp. Jump on the first
stone in the swamp. Then carefully jump on the second
stone and walk to the right carefully. Jump in and
grab the vine as the vine is the closest to you. Jump
down on the stone in the swamp. Wait for the Vine
Snake to eat a glowing moth and then jump over him on
the green leave in the swamp. Then climb up ashore and
go to the right. Go to the far right of the rock. Jump
in and grab the first vine. Then jump into the second
vine and jump via the gray "rock" that is in the swamp
to the other side. Go to the right and hop into the

To escape the Shadowbats, you need to wade out into
the deep water and duck down when they dive at you.
Each time they dive, get up and head right to the next
deep spot. As soon as you reach dry land, go ashore
and the bats will be burned by the beam of sunlight. 

Go to the right until you reach the stone bridge. At
the middle of the bridge, climb up to the first ledge.
Jump to the right upon the ledge and walk to the right
end of it. To the right you will see a black vine with
green sparkling spots on it. Jump to the vine and grab
it. Walk to the right into the cave of the snake. As
soon as the snake is eating, head to the right and
stand under the green sac, then jump up into it three
times to release more "bait." Quickly leave the cave
and head back to the left until you are standing on
the middle of the bridge again. Now climb to the top
level. Once on the top level, head right into the
first cave. 

Wait for the first Vine Snake to get a bait, then
carefully walk up to the next ledge and jump over.
Step up to the edge of the pit. Wait for the middle
Vine Snake to get a bait, then jump up and grab the
vine. Swing over and drop onto the middle snake. Now
duck down and crawl out to the right. Climb up the
rocks to your right... 

Level Three , The Magic Lake 

When you are dangling down the vine, swing form the
right to the left until you grab the black stick. Now
quickly swim to the left until you reach dry land.
Walk to the tree with the big brown vine around it.
Climb up and set the poor little fellow free by
jumping in the vine that is at the left of the tree.
The little fellow will take you to a free ride! 

As soon as you fall into the water, dive deep. Don't
wait to long or you will drown! Swim down and touch
the magic green rock, then swim to the right and enter
the cave deep down there. 

Swim through the passages until you reach the air.
Don't forget: it takes Andy a long time to drown but
eventually it will happen! 
Don't worry about your air supply, just take it when
you see it. 

Once on dry land you can test out your new powers from
the magic rock. Press and hold the fire-button.
Unleash the blast on the rocks blocking your way. Walk
to the right into the cave. Kick the brown egg you
will find there over by the edge of the black cliff
that is blocking your way and shoot it with your Super
Blast. It will grow up so you can climb it. If there
doesn't grow anything out of the brown egg, you simply
used a normal Blast in stead of a Super Blast. Climb
up into the tree and walk across the wall. 

Climb down and kick the seed into the water. Don't
fall into the water. If you do, you will be eaten by
the piranha worms! The egg  will float over to the
other side. Duck down and shoot at the egg across the
other side it to make it grow. Climb up along the wall
and jump on the black ledge above the water. Jump into
the tree, climb down and walk carefully to the right.
Jump into the water, dive down and follow the passages

Beware of the Sea Cavities. They suck, they blow and
do anything to kill you! This makes it very hard to
swim around them. 
Keep following the passage. You will start to see Sea
Tentacles, which will also kill you. 
The next room is hard to swim through. Make small
direction changes and give yourself time to get
kicking to get out of the current caused by the Sea
Aim for the brownish hole in the floor. Keep following
the passages. 

To get through the next room, start swimming to the
left, toward the first Sea Cavity. Then press up and
left for just one kick and then straighten out again
to the left. 
Repeat this a few times until you reach the second
passage and head up. 

At the top of the passage grab a breath of air then
dive straight down on the right side of the diving
wall. Now straighten out and swim hard to the right,
and on to the next screen. Lots of Sea Tentacles to
get past. Once you start moving through them, don't
stop. If you keep swimming to the right as soon as you
enter this screen, you can make it straight through. 

Once back on dry land, you have Vine Snakes to contend
with again. You can stun them briefly with a Super
Blast. Shoot the Vine Snake directly across from you,
then jump out into the middle of the room and catch
the ledge. Now shoot the snake hidden on the far right
and climb over and down. 

Watch out for Balloon Worms. Wait for the worm to
burst out near you, then quickly shoot it and keep
shooting! The other worms should eventually follow out
the same hole. There are three worms to kill here.
Don't move on until you have killed all three of them.
When you killed all tree of them, climb down. 

In the next screen, start by kicking the seed into
water, then head to the left. Use a Super Blast to
stun the Vine Snake, then grow the seed and climb up.
Push the boulder into the hole then crawl out to the
left. Kill the three Balloon Worms and then head to
the left and climb down the ledge. Jump into the water
and swim out through the small passage to the right.
Keep going until you reach the end. Push the boulder
so it falls over. Quickly head back to the left again
to outrun the Piranha worms and climb up to safety. 

Make your way all the way back. Climb down the tree
and and fire two Super Blasts to your left. One to
shatter the tree, one to stun the Vine Snake. Jump
over to get the seed and kick it out to your right. 

Kick the extra seed into the water. Now grow the tree
on the center platform and jump across. Climb up and
jump again to the next tree. Do a Super Blast straight
up to get this seed. Kick it off to your right. Do a
Super Blast on the second platform and jump into that
tree. Climb up a little and shoot the seed at the
third and last platform. Jump into that tree and climb
up. At the top of the tree, jump to the left out of
the tree. Shoot the Vine Snake at the left. Climb a
little more and stand at the black rock. 

Shoot the Vine Snake at the right and climb up a
little more. Shoot the Vine Snake at the right and
climb up a little more. Shoot the Vine Snake at the
left and jump at the left platform. Walk to the left
and go up. Run to the left until you find another egg.

Shoot it and climb up the tree. Jump out of the tree
at the left platform. Walk to the end of the platform
and shoot all shadows from there. After you killed the
shadows, jump down and walk quickly to the left until
the end of the platform. Don't try to fight these
Shadows, just climb up, then head to the left and walk
across the bridge. 

Level Four, Space Island 

Kill the two Shadowbats. You can duck under straight
shots and jump over diagonal shots. Next, step out
onto the bridge and kill all the shadows. Once the hut
behind you explodes, run to the right onto the rope

On the collapsed bridge, shoot the Shadowbat then
climb down. Jump across onto the latticework and climb
off the screen to the right. There are two Balloon
Worms here. After they are dead, jump across the gap
to the right. 

Use a Super Blast to shatter the bones then walk onto
the ledge and grab the vine. After you land, turn
around and shoot the Shadow on your left, then turn
and kill the one on your right. Walk along the bottom
ledge to your right and kill the last Shadow on the
next screen, then come back and climb up to the top

Don't try to climb the vine against the wall. Shoot
it, then kick the seed all the way to the right. It is
safe to grow it here and you can climb up to the next

When the tree shadows come to life, use a Super Shot
to stun them briefly so you can climb past. Climb
between the branches, stun the one to the left, and
climb up. 
Kill all the Balloon Worms before you cross any wall.
You can hear them make noises in the rocks. 

When you reach the bridge construction, kill the two
Balloon Worms. Then climb up the narrow gap and out to
the left. Climb up to the next screen and kill the
other two Balloon Worms. Then quickly shuffle across
the bottom of the screen and over to the far left.
Climb down onto the ledge you saw earlier. 

Step over and let your shadow push the shadow of the
boulder. When the three Shadowbats arrive, kill them.
Drop off the ledge and catch hold on the screen below.
Quickly shuffle across to the right to avoid the

Now climb all the way back up again and through the
open bridge. Avoid the falling rocks as you climb up
and over to the left. Shuffle across to the right
side. Kill the shadows then climb up on the left side.
At the ledge, go to the right as far as you can. Now
climb as fast as you can to the top and try to avoid
the Spider Shadows. 

Level Five , River of Fire 

Jump off the leaf and take three steps to the right,
then turn and blast the shadows behind 
you. Go to the right and enter the next screen.
Quickly turn around enter the pervious screen and kill
all the new shadows. Turn to the right and enter the
next screen again. Kill all the enemies on this
screen. Now step back to the first trigger plate. Run
to the right, shoot the shadow and jump over the
second trigger plate. Keep running to the right but
stop short of the next screen. If your way to the
right is blocked by the big shield, had back to the
first trigger plate and run back to the right. When
you do this fast enough, the big shield won't rise. If
you get passed the shields, go to the right 

Be careful now it's real lava. That nasty hot stuff!
Watch the timing of the lava spurts. Jump onto the
second platform (which starts sinking) then onto the
next platform, then jump and grab the wall. Climb back
to the left and up the wall. Watch out for the Shadow

This is your first real encounter with the Shadow
Spiders. They are very fast and almost impossible to
hit. They will drop slime causing you to slip and fall
(but you can catch yourself and recover). The trick to
killing them is to get close enough that they lunge at
you then shoot! 

Climb up the pillar to the top and shoot across at the
big Shadow. lf you don't kill him, he can shake you
into the lava. I know: it's easier said then done!
After he is dead, climb down and shoot the shadow at
the right. Jump onto the platform and shoot the third
shadow down to the left. 

Climb up the center pillar and jump onto the platform
where the shaking shadow has been. Jump to the right
and go further to the right. Don't forget the spurting

Climb up and kill the two Spider Shadows, then climb
Stay near the bottom of the screen and kill all three
Worms first. Then concentrate on the Spiders. Then
climb up to the platform. On the platform , walk to
the right and stay there. Kill the Balloon Worm before
heading across this cliff face. It's just a matter of
timing. Then climb up and jump to the right. 

Go to the right and kill the two Spider first. Climb
up as far as you can and go to the right into the next
screen. Kill the Spider. Climb up at the left side and
shoot the Shadowbat. Climb down and go just above the
lava a little to the right. When the lava stops
spurting, quickly go to the right. In the next screen,
keep on waiting until the lava stops spurting and then
head for the platform at the right side. Jump at the
platform. Kill the three Shadowb. After you have
killed them, shoot the brown egg through the small gap
to the right and fire a Super Blast at it to make it
grow. Then climb back to the previous screen.  Be
careful about the lava spurts! 

Climb up at the left side and go to the right until
you can't go any further. Jump to the right at the
platform in the middle of the screen (it looks like a
niche). Then jump to the next platform at the right.
Walk to the right until you reach the tree. Jump into
the tree and climb up until you reach the top of it.
Two more Shadowbats will swoop in. If you are quick
enough, you don't have to kill them. Just quickly jump
out of the tree to the left and keep climbing to the
left. When you can't go any further to the left, climb
up and go to the right... 

Level Six , Caverns of Doom 

You have to move fast to survive here. Quickly jump
off the pillar to the right and drop down the hole in
the floor. Step to your right and drop down the next
hole. Quickly turn around, duck and shoot at the seed
and grow it, to stop the pillar from smashing you.
Head out the screen to the right and press the blue
button there, then return to the previous screen and
drop down the hole. 

Shoot the Shadow first, then scoot the seed over and
use it to get over the pillar. Head to the right and
drop down the next hole. Kill all the Shadows here,
then crawl through the hole to your right. That looks
promising! Crawl along the floor to the middle of the
floor. Wait before the falling pillar smashes you.
When the pillar goes up, crawl to the right, turn
around and bring the seed back with you. Go to the
left to the previous screen. Position the seed under
the hanging pillar and grow it. 

Before the level ends you must fight your way past an
army of Shadowbats. With the newfound power of the
magic rock, the friendly Amigos can help you fight off
the Shadowbats. Watch the skies and be ready for them
to attack. You can shoot the Shadowbats yourself, or
you can just concentrate on dodging the attacks while
the Amigo's kill all the Shadowbats for you! 

Level Seven , Into the Lair 

Once you make it into the lair, you will have your
first meeting with an Armor Slog. When you kill them,
they split into two quivering lumps. Each of these
lumps will grow into a new Armor Slog! To kill the
lumps you must shoot them with a Super Blast. 

Walk across the chain and stop in the middle to kill
the two Shadowbats. Jump off the chain into the next
room. Don't shoot the Armor Slog! If you kill him
while other Shadows are on screen, the Shadows will
protect the lumps and you will be in worse shape.
Instead, run right up to the Armor Slog and stand
close to of him. He can't grab you and he can't shoot
you. When he walks away from the other Shadows, step
out quickly and shoot a couple of them, then jump back
into safety before the Slog shoots. When you killed
the Shadows, kill the Slog. Walk right into the next
screen and start shooting 

When all the Shadows are dead, jump across the gap and
step on the pink blob. Jump onto the center column of
bricks and grab hold. Climb on the chains and drop
between the pink triggers. Step on the trigger to the
right and the gate on your left will open. Kill all
the Shadows. Step on the trigger to the left and the
gate on the right will open. Kill both Armor Slogs.
Now run all the way to the left and climb down the
ladder. Press the button you find down there and
return to the column of bricks, climb up and head to
the right. 

Kill the Shadow then grow the seed. Climb up. Kill the
next Shadow then jump off and head to the left. Open
the gate and kill the Shadow. Step over to the ladder
and shoot all the Shadows on the ceiling. When they
are all dead, it is safe to go up and kill both Armor
Slogs. Head to the right. Do not step on the pink
trigger under the first column. Kill the Shadow hiding
across the columns. Now memorize the timing. After
both columns drop together, jump over the pink
trigger, and start running as soon as you land.
Carefully enter the next screen. 

Kill the four Worms before you proceed down the
chains. Kill the Shadow at the bottom then drop to the
floor. Push the button on the wall, then climb up and
jump left. Start shooting now! Kill the Shadow and
press the button. Exit at the right. 

Jump of the platform, push the button again and climb
all the way up. On top of the wall, jump to the left
and walk all the back to the left until you reach the
chain again. Step on the chain and jump down. Walk to
the right until you reach the brick wall again. Climb
down the brick wall and walk to the right until you
reach the ladder. Climb down the ladder. 

Don't try to cross the chains yet. Shoot the Armor
Slog first then climb up and wait for it to multiply.
When the Worms come out to attack them, dash across
the chains and jump off to your left. Watch the lava
carefully and climb from brick to brick as they
appear. Walk to the left and... get captured!!! 

After you are captured, use a Super Shot on the
ceiling of your cell to escape. The hole ceiling comes
down and not only the ceiling but also one of those
handy eggs. Shoot at the egg and climb up. Jump of the
tree to the right and push the boulder into the hole.
Walk to the right side and push the button. Walk to
the left to the next screen. Again you find a wall
with chains and... worms. Shoot the Armor Slog as bait
for the Worms. Press the tarnished button at the left
then get out and proceed to the left. Climb up and
exit along the top path. 

Drop down the scaffold. Walk to the left and kill all
the Shadows. Go further to the left and kill the
Shadowbats and the other Shadows hanging on the
ceiling. Walk another screen to the left. Don't shoot
the Slog! Only kill the Shadows! Step on the trigger
plate at the left. Climb up and head left. Step on the
wooden planks across the gap.Wait for the Armor Slog
to burn it away and drop through. 

Start running as fast as you can! Head to the right.
jump over the crawling Shadow, then walk across the
chain. Drop down, and start crawling to the left.
Press the button. Wait for the Shadow to crawl out of
the passage, then jump over it and head right then up
the rocks. Keep on running to the left, avoiding the
enemies. Stay along the bottom path. Drop down the
black hole at the far left side. 
Now you will make a smooth landing on... the big
fellow that eat your hole equipment at the beginning
of your adventure! 

Level Eight , Heart of Darkness 

Well, there you are. Swallowed by that huge guy! After
some research, Andy finds back his hole equipment.
Just fire a few shots to set yourself free! 

Head to the right. Kill all the Shadows. Go to the
right and kill the Slogs.The easiest way to do this is
to duck down and keep on shooting on them and their
remains. When they are dead, climb up and head to the
Kill all the Shadowbats. Drop down, then run over to
the button and push it. Exit left again, then return
by way of the upper platforms and exit to the right. 
Drop down and kill the Armor Stog. Exit to the right,
kill the Shadow, then head up and exit right again. 

Stop and talk to the Vicious Servant, then exit to the
right to find all the pieces of the magic rock. Kick
or shoot the first piece back to the Vicious Servant
and return to the right. Now you can climb up the
center column. 

Crawl into the passage to your left and start
shooting. When the way is clear, continue and exit to
the left. Go through the hole and find the second
piece. Bring it back to this area by kicking or
shooting it down the holes. You do have to stand on
the last trigger plate while you shoot the rock under
the column. Take the piece all the way back to the
Vicious Servant. Go once more to the right and go

Notice the Shadow crawling along the bottom row,
triggering the columns. Climb up and exit to the
right. Kill the two Armor Slogs here. Exit to the left
and head up the ladder. 

Kill all the Armor Slogs at the top of this area. Head
to the top level and exit to the right. 
Shoot the second piece onto the first platform. Exit
to the left, head down to the lower level, and go
back. Now shoot the piece onto the second platform.
Exit to the left, head up and back again. Finally,
shoot the piece down the chute. Bring the piece all
the way out to the Vicious Servant again. 

Now to collect the final piece. Exit to the right and
keep going back toward the beginning. Kill any enemies
along the way then drop down the hole. Fight your way
down and drop through the hole next hole. 

Kill the two Armor Slogs and head to the right. Stop
on the bridge and kill all the Shadows then head right

Kill all the Shadows. This time the Master will appear
and shoot fireballs at you. You must do a double jump
to escape these and then move along quickly to the
right. It helps if you jump a little early. When the
bridge is clear, head to the right. 

Kill all the Shadows and the Armor Slogs that appear,
all while dodging the fireballs from the Master. When
the bridge is clear, run out to the right. Grab the
final piece. 

To escape, you'll have to fight within the Heart of
Darkness. Two new types of Ghosts will appear in the
darkness. Hit them with your gun to kill them. When
you hit the biggest one, step aside quickly, or you
will be killed by the falling hand! When you have
killed all the Ghosts, a light beam will appear from
the left. 
Well, that's it! 

If you want to see the last scenes in real 3D,   just
put on the magic glasses that game with the game.
Enjoy the show..

Submitted by: rickHH
Always look for places to climb up walls or descend into 
holes; proceeding side to side isn't necessarily the best 
way to go. 

Take a few leaps of faith: try jumping off the screen or off 
a cliff. It might get you where you need go. 

When you're being threatened by shadow monsters, look for the 
source of the shadow and destroy it.
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