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Harvest - Massive Encounter Cheats

Harvest - Massive Encounter

Submitted by: RM

* When you place Missle Turrets make sure you upgrade them to "Eagle Scout"
  turrets because they have much more range and Do more damage.

* While Building make sure to pause your game to prevent enemies from getting
  closer to your buildings.

* You can create a "Super Laser" by building around 15-20 laser near eachother
  and then clicking on one of the lasers near the middle then clicking "Link
  Nearby Lasers"

* If you can transport energy to the edge of the map then the map will expand
  revealing more terrain for you to harvest more minerals.

* Make sure you turrets have enough energy when an invasion happens or they will
  not be able to reload fast enough and you will be over run.

* The extra buildings in "Creative Mode" Have no purpose (They are only used for
  visuals, if you wanted to make a mock space colony) [The prices of these 
  buildings can also be changed by editing a text file in your Harvest: Massive 
  Encounter folder.

* When playing "Wave Mode" Make sure you completely kill one wave at a time before
  deploying another because you are rewarded extra Colonial Credits for defeating 
  a wave. Also after you deploy a wave the remainging waves become harder and 
  bigger than before you deployed the previous wave. Keep that in mind when deciding
  which wave to deploy.

* When the enemies is coming, you can just link lots of defense tower together. You
  can also link be pressing X or drag one building to another. The one that link 
  to the main building can also get other to link to it, so it will apply more power
  to the main building. The good thing about linked building is its range.
  (Be sure to unlink when the enemy is coming very close. So each defense tower can
  shot on its own nearest enemies.)

Achievements (Steam):
Complete each condition to get the allotted achievements.

Unlockable               How to Unlock
Bomb Launch            - Launched an Overcharged Energy Link and killed at least 5 aliens.
Dogfight               - Killed an alien in mid-air.
Effecient Strategy     - Successfully completed the Wave game mode on any planet in 
                         less than one hour.
Excursion              - Expanded the map considerably, on all planets.
Exploration            - Expanded the map considerably, on any planet.
Firm Defense           - Successfully completed the Rush game mode on all planets.
Flawless Establishment - Established a base on Hephaestus and reached level 15 without 
                         losing any buildings.
Golden Web             - Had 50 or more over-heated Energy Links at the same time.
Hero                   - Accumulated 1000 or more kills with a single Defense Tower.
Humoungus Laser Beam   - Has linked 100 or more Defense Towers.
Insane Tactics         - Reached level 50 in the Insane game mode on any planet.
Iron Will              - Successfully completed the Rush game mode on any planet.
Massive Encounter      - Launched all 10 waves at the same time and survived.
Master Blaster         - Killed 20 or more aliens with a single overcharged Energy Link.
Master Industry        - Had at least 50 active harvesters at the same time in Normal game mode.
Masterful Colonisation - Reached level 100 on any planet.
Perfect Wave           - Defeated a wave without losing a single building.
Phoenix Rising         - Defeated a wave before 15 minutes have passed.
Pure Blood             - Beat Rush game mode on any planet without losing a single building.
Skilled Colonisation   - Reached level 50 on any planet.
Strategic Planning     - Successfully completed the Wave game mode on any planet.
Supreme Colonisation   - Reached level 100 on all planets.
Time Is Money          - Had 20 or more active harvesters before level 11.
uper-Human Tactics     - Reached level 50 in the Insane game mode on all planets.
Wicked Awesome         - Has been awarded all other achievement awards!
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