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Harvestella Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Make Coconut Milk:
If you canít make the coconut milk then this short guide is for you.

Try the dessert one, for some reason it made sugar and not a dessert.

You probably put nectarcane.

-=Dessert Processor=-
* Nectarcane -> Sugar
* Honey Flower -> Syrup
* Lococonut -> Coconut Milk

How to Save:
* Manual save unlocks later, just keep playing the game.
* Manual saves are unlocked at the start of Chapter 2, which Iíll admit is 
  an odd choice. My best guess is they felt that for the early part of the 
  tutorials, you should experience each day as an uninterrupted sequence?

The save spots do pull double duty as warps in dungeons though, so thereís a 
reason story-wise I guess.

Combat Tips:
Here are a few tips:

* Make food, keep your hunger at, at least, 20, so you can recover Stamina 
  over time.
* Make juices, they are the ďpotionĒ of this game, instant use (no animation) 
  and heals a lot.
* Try using your food during rest (near teleport points) since it gives you 
  boosted buffs.
* And last but not least, take your time, repeat dungeons, focus on the farm, 
  take a few days making juices, upgrade your weapons. You donít need to rush 
  the story.
* Also, this is a farming game, so itís pretty normal for you to progress the 
  story slowly.
* Enemies can be stagger locked if you can dump enough damage into them fast 
  enough. This gets really easy during Break and Double Break where you can 
  functionally stunlock them if your output is high enough.

Many attacks have good range. Warrior sucks horribly at range but Assault can 
easily initiate combat on its terms and often run enemies over before they 
attack at all.

Dodge isnít a souls roll, but it works. Enemy attacks hit an area, even the 
ones without area markers. Not being in that area means you donít get hit.

Due to the nature of the game, youíre going to take damage. Otherwise you 
wouldnít need all those healing items the farming side of the game gives 
you. How much you take depends on player skill and tactics. And there are
non-item ways to heal up.

How to Increase Friendship?:
Your bond with each character grows whenever you interact with them. The more 
you interact with specific characters, the stronger your bond will be, and the 
better your friendship will be as well.

Increasing the level of friendship is important because beyond unlocking romantic 
options, you will unlock Jobs and Skills that will be very useful to you in the 
game. So just interact with all the characters whenever you can. But if you are 
interested in unlocking a specific job, focus on the character that, as we have 
indicated in the previous section, unlocks that job.
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