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Hangover Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

100% Achievement Guide:
Written by Bunny

Non-Missable Achievements:
These achievements unlock by clicking on play:

Brain in a box

-=The Other Achievements=-
Next up I will write a small walkthrough(/the basics) of the game with which 
you will get the rest of the achievements.

-=In the bathroom pick up=-
Wet paper
Cleaning spray on the top shelf (Screen cleaner achievement)

-=In the computer room pick up=-
Glasses (Glasses achievement)
Use glasses on wet paper (Eww, disgusting achievement 
(right click to hide the paper)

-=In the tv room pick up=-
Wallet (Wallet achievement)
Blue marker in the top right (Trolled achievement)
Screwdriver (Screwdriver achievement)

-=In the kitchen
Click on the furnace to turn it on (it will make a clicking noise and be yellow)
After a few minutes you will get the Argh! achievement but don't wait for it, 
continue the game. 
NOTE: I've found that I only got this achievement if I didn't alt tab out of the 
game and played a few minutes

-=In the room to the right of the kitchen
Pick up the duct tape (Duct Tape achievement)
Click on the plug (Sads achievement)

Go back to the room with the computer

Use the screwdriver on the computer to smash it (CRT Monitor achievement)
Use the screwdriver on the drawer under the computer to get a CD
Click the brain poster (Pink achievement)

Go back to the bathroom

Use the wallet on the mirror (Creep achievement)

Go to the room with the tv

Use the cd on the tv (Underta... il? achievement) 
(I recommend to turn the sound off as it was pretty loud for me)
Click on the feet on the couch
Use the duct tape on the feet (Duct tape achievement

Go to the room right of the room you found the duct tape (dinner room)

Pick up the keys (Keys achievement)

Go to the last room on the right

Hold the keys from your inventory over the door. Once you reach the main menu 
you get the Personal! and the The god! achievements.

Now that you are back in the main menu, click on the Credits in the right bottom 
corner to get the Credits achievement.
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