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Halo Infinite Cheats

Halo Infinite

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Launch Error Fix:
Written by Binky

Unfortunately “verify the integrity of game files” won’t work here,
Install and setup the correct Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package 
for your system.

How to Skip Boot Up Intro:
Written by OG FLUFFY

-=How To=-
1.Go To: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Halo Infinite
2.Delete The File “intro.mp4”.
3.Delete The File “Startup_Sequence_Loading.mp4”

How to Unlock The Medic! Achievement:
Written by Sean

* Go to Custom Games. 
* Click Mode Editor 
* Change the gamemode to Arena:Attrition which is a 343 Industries mode.

-=Click Mode Editor again to customize the following settings=-
* Sandbox
* Primary Weapon – Gravity Hammer or M41 SPNKr
* Infinite Ammo – On
* Bottomless Clip – On
* Health & Damage
* Team Damage Resistance – On

Bot Count [Team 1: Eagle] – 2

Team Respawn Count – 1
Revive Allies Action Time – 1 s

Make sure you are on Team Eagle in the top right, then start the game.
Kill both your bot teammates. Killing the first one will get rid of your 
team’s 1 life. Revive the other one. 
Kill and revive that bot 2 more times and your achievement will unlock.

Objectives for Each Mode:
-=Capture the Flag=-
In Capture the Flag, watch what your team is doing, if most left to fetch the 
flag, stay to defend. If most stayed, then fetch the flag. Don’t leave one 
person defending.

In Oddball, don’t refuse to pick up the ball simply because you can no longer 
use your gun, every second counts, really freaking annoying to see how many 
just stand above the ball waiting for somebody to come and get a kill as opposed 
to picking it up winning seconds and approaching a teammate for cover. If you 
don’t have the ball, it gives you no excuse to wander off in the opposite corner 
of the map. Defend your holder!

In Attrition, this is not Slayer (Deathmatch), play with your team, stop running 
off like some drugged up Rambo, only to waste a life from the team you are on. 
Move together and ping to indicate where you have seen an enemy. If everyone on 
the map is still alive, then avoid pinging enemies too far, because one might be 
close enough and you throw your team’s focus off.

-=Total Control=-
In Total Control, you don’t need to jerk the entire team off in one circle. If 
the area is almost done, think ahead and start moving to the next zone before 
the enemy, or steal one which is in the process of being taken. The teammate 
left behind can finish up, but if there is a fight for that zone, then obviously 
stay, but use common sense. Thinking just 2 seconds into the future in this 
mode is a huge advantage.

In Slayer, you can go wild or you can play with your team. Assuming the enemy 
team will also have fools running on their own, well that’s your best bet. 
Nevertheless, if the enemy team is sniping (and this goes for other modes too) 
and you see people getting killed at that location by the same sniper, don’t be 
stupid and go there too. I have lost count how many idiots reenact the fate of 
moths which are drawn to the flame. Try to flank that sniper and stay out of 
their sight. Think, use whatever brain juice you have left in that head of yours.

Each game is explicitly described at the beginning what the objective is, none 
of these modes are new and have been around for years in other games. Take the 
time to learn them and understand them. It is not always about getting the 

And lastly, use your ears. You can literally hear enemies approaching, yet I 
see so many clueless players just crouching and watching a corner/door while 
the enemy is running up behind them. Or even worse, when their teammate is 
getting shot at and the clueless person does not react until they are getting 
shot. Like come on, what are you guys doing, I probably don’t want to know.

Useful Tips for Beginners:
Written by PLAKTICK

-=Use a scanner=-
Control : Keyboard – z. Gamepad – down arrow.

This is an extremely useful thing, especially for beginners. With its help you 
can see weapons that can be used, such as grenades or special equipment. When 
scanning, you can see whether this item is there or has not appeared yet. So 
this is a very useful feature!

-=Move in gunfights=-
Don’t stand still in a short-range firefight. Halo Infinite is not a game that 
has a lot of payoff. And therefore you need to knock the enemy down by simply 
moving left or right, or jumping.

-=Use different weapons=-
There are two types of weapons in the game: kinetic and energy. The energy type 
of weapon deals well with the Spartan’s shield, but poorly with health, and the 
kinetic type deals well with health, but poorly with the shield. If possible, 
use different weapons, and the enemy can often see when he does not have a 
shield and when he does.

-=Always use grenades=-
Grenades should become as used as your main weapon. Every time you respawn on 
the battlefield, you have two fragmentation grenades, and others can be found 
on the map. Always use them, in attack, defense, even if you understand that 
you will be killed, and the enemy is already nearby, throw a grenade at your 
feet. This will not save you if you do not have time to escape, but you can 
cause damage or even kill the enemy.

-=Stick with the team=-
The easiest way to die is to simply walk alone; if you meet 2-3 enemies, you 
will have too little chance of killing them without a strong weapon. Stick 
together with your team, you will walk together on the map and just kill all 
the enemies.
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