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Half-Life - Sven Co-op Cheats

Half-Life - Sven Co-op

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Load game with the command line: hl.exe -dev -toconsole. 
Then, press ~ if the orange text on the screen does not disappear. 
During gameplay, press ~ to display the text prompt and type in sv_cheats 1. 
Press ~ and enter one of the following console commands. 

Note: You can only use cheats when the maximum players is set to "2". 

Result                               Code 
Toggle God mode                   - godmode [0 or 1]  
All weapons                       - giveall  
Toggle no clipping mode           - cl_noclip [0 or 1]  
Toggle opponents ignore character - cl_notarget [0 or 1]  

Durga: Grenade mini-game:
Reach the two first doors one on top of another that you see when you 
come out the end of the tunnel . Climb up on each other until you reach 
the top door's floor (or hook up). Click it and it should open. When 
inside, there is a fun game where you must throw the grenade (there is 
grenade ammunition in there) into the hole on top and get it inside the 
glass box.

Stadium 3: Monster revenge:
When you kill enough aliens with the airstrike with only two people on the 
map at the time, the monsers will spawn out of the ring around the outer area 
and there will be text reading "Monster revenge".^

King Head Crab in Stadium 3:
Submitted by: stormrider

In stadium3 keep pressing the headcrab button (do not hold use key) until you 
see the king headcrab.
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