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Hacker Evolution Cheats

Hacker Evolution

Cheat Codes:
Put this into the regular command prompt of the game. Another way is to puch 'x'
and hit tab to fulfill code.

Effect                  Code
xmoney                - get $10000.
xshowhosts            - shows all hosts in level to connect.
xskiplevel            - skip current level.

Cheat Codes:
Use the following trick to set your trace level, money and edit all other
aspects of your saved game. Use a text editor to edit the "*.profile" file
in the "he-savegames" directory. The file should appear similar to the following
lines (with additional comments added as to the function of each number) 

hacktheripper - (Hacker Evolution-he-level-3)    #Display name
hemod-hackerevolution.mod                        #Mod being used
3        #Current Level
0        #CPU Slot 1
1        #CPU Slot 2
0        #Memory Slot 1
-1       #Memory Slot 2
2        #Modem Upgrade
1        #Firewall upgrade
2505     #Current score
1000     #Bank Balance
25       #Current hack count
0        #Current trace count
2446     #Not sure what this is????
0        #Unable to see what this is for????
-1       #Neural network adapter
96       #Trace level - Change this to 0 to clear all trace
0        #Dynamic difficulty setting
37872    #This is a hash of the current file

Simply change all the desired details. Be careful what you type as it could 
corrupt your game. Next, load the game and select "Load or delete". Notice 
that your saved game is no longer showing in the list (unless you left your 
backup file there. The reason your saved game is not there is because the game 
runs a check when you click "Load or delete game" on all .profiles in the save 
game folder. It hashes the file itself then checks it against the hash saved in 
the profile. If it matches it shows the game, otherwise it breaks. Luckily, the 
developers have a log file (application.log) which outputs when a hash doesnt 
match, and they also print out the expected number and the number recieved. 
Exit the game and open the "application.log" file in the game directory in a 
text editor. Look for a line that reads similarly to: 

hePlayerInfo::validateSaveGame(he-savegames/hacktheripper.profile) - failed (37872-37872)

This line tells you that it failed when validating by checksum. The first number in the 
brackets is what it found in the saved file (37872 in this example) and the second 
number is what the current file hash is. Replace the hash at the bottom of your profile 
with the new one. Your modified saved game will now appear in the list, and when you 
load it you will find all your changes have worked.
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