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Gutterball 2 Cheats

Gutterball 2

Submitted by: conner54

Iceberg Lanes:
Score at least 200 points at Lotus Lanes. 

Wacky Lanes:
Score at least 200 points at Jungle Lanes. 

Arctic Snowbird ball:
Earn at least $15,000.

Black Light ball:
Defeat Tommy CPU. 

Chilly Igloo ball:
Defeat Shelly CPU. 

Exotic Beauty ball:
Defeat Badfella CPU. 

Interference ball:
Defeat Bella CPU. 

Krazy Marble ball:
Earn at least $5,000. 

Magic Scarves ball:
Earn at least $10,000. 

Paper Lantern ball:
Beat Ron CPU 

Peace Die ball:
Earn at least $50,000. 

Skunk Studios ball:
Defeat Skunkstudios CPU. 

Stone Temple ball:
Earn at least $20,000 

Best ball:
Take any ball you like (preferably with high speed and spin). 
Click "Customize", then set the stats as follows: 
Weight: 8 lbs.
Speed: 100
Spin: 0 (take down spin and weight first) 

Then, once you start line up with the pocket or the middle, roll it as hard as you can.
Note: This works the best at either the Retro or the Locus alleys. Do not use this at 
Iceberg. If you bowl at the Wacky alley, do not throw it as hard or it will jump over
the pins. If you use this at Jungle alley, make sure to line up with the pocket, not 
in the middle or it will leave one to three pins.

Money Hack:
Submitted by: Alexander

Right Click Gutterball 2
Click Properties Then Click Find Target
Open Folder Prefs Then Open gb20g2c_bowlers
See You're Profile And See #money:
Chage The Number Become 999999 or else
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