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Guitar Hero World Tour Cheats

Guitar Hero World Tour

Unlockable Characters:
All characters must be bought from the character select 
screen after completing the unlocking requirements.

Unlockable         How to unlock:	
Billy Corgan     - Play the song 'Today' in the band career.
Hayley Williams  - Play the song 'Misery Business' in the vocals career.
Ozzy Osbourne    - Play the Ozzfest gig in the vocals career.
Rockubot         - Complete th drum career.
Skeleton         - Complete the vocals career.
Sting	           - Play the song 'Demolition Man' in the bass career.
Ted Nugent	     - Beat his guitar battle in the guitar career.
Travis Barker    - Play the song 'Dammit' in the drum career.
Zakk Wylde       - Beat his guitar battle in the guitar career.

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Performance Mode     - Press Yellow(2), Blue, Red, Blue, Green, Red(2).
Hyperspeed           - Press Green, Blue, Red, Yellow(2), Red, Green(2).
Auto Kick            - Press Yellow, Green, Red, Blue(4), Red.
Unlock Quickplay     - Press Blue, Blue, Red, Green(2), Blue(2), Yellow.
Aaron                - Press Blue, Red, Yellow(5), Green.
Nick                 - Press Green, Red, Blue, Green, Red, Blue, Blue, Green.
Johnny Viper         - Press Blue, Red, Blue(2), Yellow(3), Green.
Rina                 - Press Blue, Red, Green, Green, Yellow(3), Green.
Air Instruments      - Press Red(2), Blue, Yellow, Green(3), Yellow.
Invisible Characters - Press Green, Red, Yellow(3), Blue(2), Green.
AT&T Ballpark        - Press Yellow, Green, Red(2), Green, Blue, Red, Yellow.
Gem Color            - Press Blue, Red(2), Green, Red, Green, Red, Yellow.
Flame Color          - Press Green, Red, Green, Blue, Red(2), Yellow, Blue.
Star Color           - Press Red(2), Yellow, Red, Blue, Red(2), Blue.
Vocal Fireball       - Press Red, Green(2), Yellow, Blue, Green, Yellow, Green.
Always Slide         - Press Green(2), Red(2), Yellow, Red, Yellow, Blue.
Extra Line 6         - Press Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green.

Pull Me Under:
To unlock the Dream Theater song "Pull Me Under", complete Career Mode in its 
entirety on any instrument on any difficulty setting.

Easy money:
* Use a rubber band to hold down the whammy bar so it will do the whammy for all
  long notes. At the end of the song you will get the Whammy Maestro bonus and a
  little extra bit of money. This also helps you get more points.

* There are two songs in Bass Career mode that can give you $200 to $280 in Easy 
  mode and about $300 in Medium mode. Play "The Joker" (Steve Miller Band) and 
  "Overkill" (Motor Head). To get 100% notes and no star power usage, make sure
  it is at maximum power and use a rubber band to hold the whammy bar down. 
  This will result in a fair bit of money, but if you miss just one note you will
  only get roughly $120 to $155 in Easy mode.

* A few more songs you can get $200 or above on is "Band On The Run", "Spiderwebs",
  "Prisoner Of Society", and "Crazy Train".

No whammy bonus:
When playing any song and getting the Whammy Maestro, if you use the touch sensor 
(on a Guitar Hero World Tour controller), you will not get the bonus. They will 
cancel each other out and you will lose a bit of money.

Easy money:
Submitted by: oMegga

Play the song "Mountain song" by Jane's Addiction on guitar on easy.It's a really 
easy song, if u do it on 5 stars you will get 600 $ , that is allot of cash.
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