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Grim Soul: Survival Cheats

Grim Soul: Survival

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tools / Devices:
In Grim Soul game, the player can build a wide range of tools or devices to make 
the life easy and prosperous;

-Smelter for smelting ores or metals
-Carpenter’s Bench – To get planks
-Stone-Working Bench – To get stone blocks
-Stable – To get a horse in Grim Soul and make the traveling easier by riding
-Campfire – Cook tasty food items using raw material
-Well – For water (put the empty flask of water)
-Chests – To store items
-Tanning Rack – Make ropes, craft leather
-Sewing Table – For cloths
-Cart – Helps you in traveling
-Workbench – Make Nails
-Sanctuary – Allows you to join a clan
-Grindstone – Enhance the weapons here
-Herbalist’s Table – Make Spirits

To build these tools or devices, you need to explore the lands, dungeons, players’ 
base and gather the resources required in building these items. Keep in mind that 
some resources are very rare and you hardly get from lands; you may need to enter 
the dungeon for these items or from the loot areas / events. And to enter the 
dungeon, you need dungeon key. The dungeon key is also one of the rare items. 
And there is no exact location of it. You may find it in zones, in loot, from the 
chest, by killing the gatekeeper.

In Grim Soul, use the ranged weapon to defeat or kill the gatekeeper as it is so 
slow. On the other hand, if you use the melee weapon, then you may not be able to 
defeat it as its damage power is very high. And to get access to these locations;
 gatekeeper’s hut, dungeons, you need to find the map first. These additional maps 
are required to see these locations on the map; you can obtain these maps in Grim 
Soul from the zones/lands, events or players’ base.

Note: – It will take a lot of time, so keep patience.

How To Reset Grim Soul Game’s Progress?:
Follow these simple steps;

* Go to the game settings.
* Hit the disconnect button to unlink the game.
* Once disconnected or unlinked, clear its data 
  (mobile settings – apps – Grim Soul – clear data)
* Start the game again.

Tips & Tricks:
* Check The Storage Daily For Honey, Water
Grim Soul game rewards you these items daily in the storage. Make sure to take all 
the items daily as these items last for a short time.
* Pay Attention To The Letters
In Grim Soul game, you get quests from these letters. Tap the designs button (hammer 
icon-main screen) -> on the next screen, on the bottom-left side, tap the letters icon. 
There you can see the letters and scrolls. In the letters tab, you get quests. Read 
the quest, complete them and earn precious rewards. For the first time, it would be; 
building a raven cage. Using this device, you can contact with merchants.

* Cloths Are Not For Fashion Only
Cloths or items like the cap, shirt, gloves, trousers increases the defense power of 
the character. Once you reach the level 11, you will be able to craft these items. 
Equip them to increase the defense. You can also obtain these items from the events, 
players’ base, chests.

* Grab The Loot Chance By Visiting Event Areas
You may get valuable items from the event’s location. When you head to the global map, 
the game will show you the location of that event(crows circle above the wasteland, 
this means you should go there…). Visit that location and grab the precious items.

* Always Carry Essential Items
When visiting a dangerous area, make sure to carry essential items such as enough wood 
or stone to craft weapon(or a full-durable weapon), food or honey, AXE/Stone Pick to 
gather wood or stone. The number of skulls above the zone determines the danger level.

* Increase The Inventory Souls
At the beginning of the game, In Grim Soul game, you have only 10 free slots. And it 
means you can not collect more than 11 items. You can increase the number of inventory 
slots by crafting ragged sack or leather pack.

* Keep Looting and Gathering
It’s normal that you will face a lot of problems in gathering the resources, don’t 
give up. Keep looting other players’ base or gathering the resources from the zones. 
Get the maps, visit gatekeeper’s hut, kill the gatekeeper and get the key. 
Go to the dungeon, you will find rare items there.

* Add Traps or Stakes To Save House
As you know, intruders can break the house’s wall using bombs. One of the best 
ways to keep the enemies away from your house is by planting stakes (level 19) or 
traps (level 35) near the walls.
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