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Grand Chase Cheats

Grand Chase

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

How to unlock ronan:
Press Ronan 100 times and finish the quest in the eleven forest.

Ronan - Buy quest in shop for 30000 GP or cash and do above.
Ryan  - Buy quest in shop for 30000 GP or cash and do quest.
Lass  - Buy quest in shop for 30000 GP or cash and do quest.
Amy   - Buy quest in shop for 30000 GP or cash and do quest.

How to finish the dungeon without fighting!!!:
Submitted by: Angela

When you use Ronan, Elesis, Ryan, and Lass just do the last skill...

Easy Way To Unlock 3rd Job:
Ok what you want to do is when you get a quest saying medal hunting 
telling you collect 20 medals (win 20 times) collect the medals but
DON'T COMPLETE THE QUEST!!. Just delete the quest and when you reach
level 30 you can start on the quest with the ease of 20 medals off 
of 50 making you only requiring to achieve 30 medals now.
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