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Glare1more Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Keywords and Passwords (Main Scenario):
Written by Helena

Lots of spoilers! Keywords to advance through the story + passwords (49/57).

The main story of Glare1more consists of 57 keywords and 3 passwords. When you 
enter any of these words on the search feature, it will trigger a new scene. 
Some of them are just for fun, but a lot of them are connected to the story and 
you cannot progress until you've entered these specific words or phrases.

-=Please do not keep reading if you don't want spoilers!=-
My Current Results: 49/57

*** In order to reach the final act, after you ask Glare about the second moon 
and earth, ask her to search aqua blue. This will trigger the final scene and 
it will be time to enter the passwords.

There are 3 passwords that you must find out in order to reboot Glare. 
Their order doesn't matter, as long as you write the correct answers.

* Your username.
* Rosť.
* Your favorite food (the one you told Glare when you guys were in the kitchen).

That's it!
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