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Get To The Orange Door Cheats

Get To The Orange Door

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Get Out of The Map:
Written by Archiiv

A short, but informative guide on how to escape the map almost 
anywhere in GTTOD’s beta build.

The essence of the mechanic(?) is very very simple. Find almost any wall, 
and start wallrunning. As you start to dip down, jump, double jump, 
leftshift, jump, then continue wallrunning.

You have to, of course, adjust the camera as needed.

As you start to learn the mechanic more and more, upgrade your goals. See 
that almost absurdly high ledge? Go for it. It’s almost impressive the sheer
scale of what you can do.

A Comprehensive Guide To TDDU's Console Commands:
Written by zed

Getting weapons through the console functions a bit differently now. The 
Give/Build commands no longer work and in there stead is White, Blue, Purple,
and Gold, which corresponds to weapon rarity.

White  - Base Weapon
Blue   - Upgraded Weapon
Purple - BABEd Weapon
Gold   - Double BABEd Weapon.

The following list will detail which number corresponds to which weapon, 
the name in parenthesis denoting the BABE'd variant.

0 - Pistol [Basilisk]
1 - Compact Shotgun [Spitfire]
2 - Auto Pistol [Hailstorm]
3 - Silenced SMG [Suzin]
4 - Revolver [Big Iron] 
    (NOTE: Currently, the Big Iron lacks sounds and has a bugged inspect)
5 - Double Barrel [Inheritor]
6 - Bolt Action [Treachery]
7 - Magnum [Penance]
8 - SMG [Typhoon]
9 - PDW [Prudence]
10 - Shotgun [Evoker]
11 - Carbine [Firesoul]
12 - Burst Carbine [Windsong]
13 - Assault Rifle [Vanguard]
14 - Lever Action [Ghostwalker]
15 - Battle Rifle [Warden]
16 - Grenade Launcher [Verdict]
17 - LMG [Thunderlust]
18 - Assault Shotgun [Riot]
19 - Rocket Launcher [Thunderclap]
20 - BHG Mk-III [No BABEd Variant]
21 - LOKI [No BABEd Variant] (Normally unobtainable outside of Training)

Like in prior updates, Equipment is can be obtained using the Equip command. 
The following list will denote the corresponding number of each equipment item.

0 - Frag Grenade
1 - Stim
2 - Kunai
3 - Grapple Hook
4 - Thermite Grenade
5 - Ammo Pack
6 - Translocator
7 - Concussion Grenade
8 - C4
9 - Laser Cannon
10 - Bubble Shield
11 - Grenade (Normally unobtainable outside of Training)
12 - Bandage (Normally unobtainable outside of Training)

To get Blessings and Curses, you need to use the respective Blessing and Curse 
command. The following list will denote the Blessing/Curse you will get using 
the respective command and a given number.

0 - The Hanged Man/The Hierophant
1 - The Fool/The Lovers
2 - The Magician/The Hermit
3 - The World/The Wheel of Fortune
4 - The Sun/Justice
5 - The Star/Death
6 - Strength/Temperance
7 - The Empress/The Devil
8 - The Chariot/The Tower
9 - The Emperor/The Moon
10 - The High Priestess/Judgement

The following list will denote a variety of commands that give the player items. 
Put a number after the command to specify how much of the item you want.

Grant   - Grants the player a given number of Shards.
Key     - Grants the player a given number of Keys.
Vine    - Grants the player a given number of Jade Vines.
Pack    - Grants the player a given number of Card Packs.
Scroll  - Grants the player a given number of Harbor Scrolls.

Additionally, there are these two commands.
Threat  - Sets the threat level to a given number.
Toggle  - Toggles the visibility of the HUD.

-=Closing Notes=-
The console got locked when TDDU first launched, but our lord and savior 
low_hanging_nuts decided to unlock it again. Why? Because I spent hours trying 
to get the console to work via editing the Assembly-CSharp file and failed miserably.

TL;DR: my dumbassery caused andrew to take pity upon us and give us the console back
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