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Gazillionaire III Cheats

Gazillionaire III

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

There are a few cheats in this game. Keep in mind you can only use each one once 
per turn, and the effect *could* be detrimental as well.

Code     Result
Ctrl-F - Change price of fuel
Ctrl-P - Change number of passengers waiting
Ctrl-V - Change price of Voyager's Insurance

Any of these may raise costs as well as lower them.

In the Marketplace:
Ctrl-B - Add a commodity to the list 
(though most of the time, its price will be fairly high)

Hints, Tips and Tricks:
When deciding which planet will be the best place to sell your 
cargo, make sure to also look at the supply of the other items 
that this planet has to sell. You can potentially add to the cargo 
that you already have to sell for a higher price later!

Guaranteed Success:
-Use Following Planets
-Xeen, Pyke, Mira, Ooom, Hork, Loro, and Your Choice
-Select the worm spaceship.
-Put all rival companies at 25% planets.
-Check Special Event.
-Purchase the cheapest commodity as well as the additional commodities 
 for that planet.
-Pick up your passengers, setting the price at 2500 kubars per passenger.
-Buy Insurance *IMPORTANT*
-Additional Hints
-Do not pay off taxes or wages until they are red.
-Keep your money in the bank to gain interest.
-Pay off any loan from the Traders Union before Mr. Zinn.
-Use the following special events: A Teal, Speevak, Snoz, and Sleg
-NEVER EVER HELP SPIKE, there is a 95% chance he will cause damage.
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