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Garden of the Sea Cheats

Garden of the Sea

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Useful Tips and Tricks:
Written by Netty

These are a list of tips and tricks that I found while playing 
the game. There are spoilers.

* Instead of travelling back and forth to water plants, build a 
  put a bird bath next to them to fill up the water can.

* Stack stones (stone path recipe) to build a structure that you 
  can set things on top.

* You can store shelves within shelves.

* When you travel to an island, you can get back home by simply 
  selecting it from the same menu that you save and exit the game.

* You can stand on a table to reach things. 
  Bring it with you if you need to.

* When it comes to using compost and seeds, sometimes itís better to 
  dump them out of the bag on a wood surface like your house floor 
  or a walkway.

* If you like the colour of a pet, bring it to the point where it 
  wants to nest to keep it. Take a picture before that point if 
  you donít want a picture above itís head)

* If use the hoe when a plant is still young, you will harvest a 
  smaller version of it.

* You can put fences up to keep animals to a certain area.
  Note: if a new animal comes that you didnít expect, it may not be 
  in the fenced area. I believe if you donít feed it at the beginning, 
  it will eventually leave.

* So you donít loos fish on your line, let the fish run when it tries 
  to and real in when it doesnít.

-=Disposing of things=-
* Pictures go on the garbage can (garbage can purchased from the 
  vendor, camera in the broken down house by the vendor). If a 
  picture gets stuck, move the garbage can and the picture will
* Empty recycle and grass bags go in the recycle 
  (build the recycle using recipe).
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