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Dungeon Hunter Champions Cheats

Dungeon Hunter Champions

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Tips & Tricks:
* You can check the Guide Tab under Missions for some in-depth information 
  on how the game works.
* Check Missions, Daily Quests, and Achievements every day for rewards.
* There are guilds in-game that you can join or start. However, beware that 
  currently there are no restrictions on joining guilds, which means you 
  can join whichever one you want, and you canít prevent anyone from joining 
* The Crystal Water Priest is considered one of the best healers in the 
  game at present, but he starts as a level 2 Ė DONíT eat him! To acquire 
  him, try frequently checking the Black Market or start farming for him 
  on Board 3)
* All gear can be upgraded through spending gold, which, while great at 
  lower levels as itís relatively cheap, can become more difficult and 
  costly as you level. You should also note that any gear you level on 
  one character will lose its  level if you transfer it to someone else.
* When you first start, completing gear sets should be your main priority.
  Youíll also want to work on stacking HP gear or Vital pieces (the first 
  of which you can find on Board 1). These are especially important on 
  your support champions as youíll be in a bit of trouble if they go down 
  mid-fight. Outside of Vital gear, try looking for accuracy and crit 
* Equipping champions with gear sets you get through Board completion 
  can also give you Active Set Bonuses. For example, 2 pieces of Vital 
  gear can give your champion +15% Max HP.
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