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Dune: Spice Wars Cheats

Dune: Spice Wars

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Spice Addiction Guide (Insane Difficulty):
* If not playing Duke then always trade with Duke. You wonít lose authority 
  when trading with him and he will. Thatís a free 15% trade and research 
* If not playing Duke then always be pillaging especially as Smugglers which 
  give you hegemony. This is good income and also keeps your enemies from 
  taking strategic villages if you keep them pillaged permanently.
* Keep an eye out for Water Seller Caravans. For 500 solari they give a good
  chunk of authority.
* Avoid bumping into too many factions at the same time. I.e donít rush Polar 
  Sink until you are ready.
* Always put your first agent on Arrakis for the +1 authority. I usually go 
  first two there. +1/+2 adds up to a lot in the game and allows for early 
* Focus on economy tree first, you at least need tech for processing plant, 
  spice silos, extra harvester crews before you venture into the military 
  tree. You need a healthy economy before you can build up a good military. 
  If I find myself in a remote starting location then I sometimes go heavy 
  eco and to make the Choam Branch building.
* Timed Game Events That Are Not Easy to Notice
* There are timed game events that are not obvious that you can easily miss 
  your first several games. I donít mean the red/green notifications at the 
  top middle of your screen. I am referring to the small green/red tab looking 
  notifications that will appear below your faction profile at the top left 
  over the course of a game. When playing with tutorials on these appear with 
  the tutorials so you might not even see them. These events are absolutely 
  huge. They ask you to do something like create two new economy buildings 
  or pillage two villages in X amout of days and give you a choice of rewards. 
  You can snag 1000 solari, or 500 hegemony and 500 solari, troop experience, 
  etc. More importantly, if you ignore the detrimental ones you can end up 
  with a rebellion, lose a troop or lose spies.

The game does a poor job of emphasizing this area IMHO. Also if you forget to 
make a choice even after you meet the requirements you lose out on beneficial 
ones and fail the detrimental ones ó easy to do in the last half of a hectic 
game when fighting and dealing with rebels. 

The UI needs rework to make these icons bigger and grab your attention much more.

-=Dirty Little Secrets=-
The game in its current state actually is easier on the hardest setting(Insane). 
This is because the AI just loves to send wave after wave of troops to you if you
share a border with them. If you are not ready for it then you will be in for pain
but if you are ready with a good economy, troops and ops then just farm the hell 
out of the AI for hegemony. Each kill is 25 hegemony whether it is the AI or militia.
Most times when playing on Medium and especially Large maps you have plenty of time 
to build up your economy before worrying about a big military even on Insane. Small 
maps are definitely more challenging. Once you are ready with a good economy, decent
size military, barracks building and good +intel generation then you+ops -> AI waves
of farmable units. It doesnít matter how much the AI fails to take your village it 
will try over and over again giving you hegemony and troop xp.

Iíve done speed runs to compare how fast you can win the game. Would you believe 
the fastest way was through a one spice village hegemony victory with the Smugglers? 
Yea they are currently that broken. Hereís why. Each faction has their own specific 
way of gaining hegemony. The smugglers get it through pillaging. 150 hegemony per 
pillage doesnít sound like a lot but it adds up. In my victory I had over 12k 
hegemony just from pillaging. Since smugglers can get income and research from 
underworld HQs I didnít have to worry about taking any other villages. If you pick 
Banerjee youíll get plascrete from pillaging along with increased solari. You will 
only have a plascrete issue later in the game as you fill up your HQ with buildings 
since they cost 20 plascrete each. Not really a problem though as long as you keep 
pillaging and trading with the AI.

Oh yea tradingÖthis is kind of broken right now too ?? It doesnít matter how much 
the AI hates you it will always trade with you. Oops you lost a spy in the 
assassinate operation? No problem you can usually get it back for 700-1000 solari 
and use it for you next step two steps of the operation.

Your first HQ building should always be a Research Center in a 1-slot. This will 
almost double your research speed and really get you going through the tech tree. 
When playing the Fremen which has an OP bazaar building your next building should 
be the bazaar also in a 1-slot(make sure you researched it in the eco tree). Put 
the bazaar in a 1-slot district and you get 40% bonus to research for economy, 
military and diplomatic. That combined with Research Center gets you through the 
tech tree faster than anyone. As if that wasnít enough later you can move it in 
a two slot military to get +4 power to your units. If you want to steam roll 
over everything in your path as a Fremen you already have beefy units, now add 
+4 power and now you can have Fedaykin with +4 power, sand killer counselor and 
up against 5+ units by his lonesome for another 50% power and +5 armor is just 
silly fun.

How to Resist Rebellion:
The main problem is not to minimize rebellion. It is when the rebellion happens in 
your Specia village and you lose your only source of specia, and you lose your game 
of course because of this. Because unless you have a pretty decent army to fight 
the rebellion, its done. This is just another incredibly badly designed mechanic 
that again, who cares, because the game is a total forgettable experience.

As long as you have an army you can hike or fly to the city in question and usually 
there is enough time. But the real problems start when you have 2-3 of them firing 
off simultaneously while being attacked. You can easily lose multiple cities thanks 
for that ability. Iíd much rather see it be something akin to a raid where you have 
some warning, your militia can fight against the rebels and the rebels have to hike 
to your city. Itíd still be good as an ability, but not as busted as it is right now. 
(unless I missed some way to defend against them)

The problem is not losing many cities.. the problem is to basically had to restart 
the scenary because once your only specia village is gone, you cant to anything 
else. Either you use the rest of your specia to buy the bribe, or you exchange it 
for solaris to buy another army to be able to capture again the village and IF, but 
even if you succeed you will be completely ruined because you cant afford the bribe 
anymore. There should be more options, but there is none. Just luck.

Assassination Explanatory Guide:
When you begin the assasination and the enemy detects it, at the assassination 
tab there will be a progress that starts at 100% which will fall over time.

You need to send Assassin in one infiltration cell in order to reset it back at 
100% and keep the assassination going until it succeeds.

If the enemy removes all the cells, then it will fail, so make sure to kill any 
unit that is trying to remove the cell and keep sending assasin in that cell until 
you win.

You need at least 1 cell alive for this to happen.

Also, maybe in conquest you cannot assassinate from the start due to objective 
restrictions. I am not sure about this, but i know it has assassination mission 
at some point.

Useful Tips for The House Ecaz:
The sanctuaries and masterpieces in combination are kind of insane.

You can easily stack village traits quite high that wayÖ (1 or 2 from santuaries, 
one from the +trait-building, 1 from 3 masterpieces plus fortress building when 
you donít need the slots for something else) Ė and the masterpieces count double 
for stuff that counts buildings.

So got a spot with +3 solari per eco building? Get windtraps, the +trait-building, 
2 eco-masterpieces and a different one(for the 3), and it counts as 5 buildings. 
With the trait stacked 4 or 5 times thatís 60-75 solari from what i consider one 
of the weaker village traits.

If you have a territory with 2 useful traits, it can be totally worth playing 
around that.

And it works across the board, the extra manpower or solari if all types of 
buildings? Stack them up and you have a recruitment center costing nothing with 
extra benefits.

The best thing is: By selectively leaving gaps(that cannot be attacked by enemies) 
you end up not owning so many villages that the authority cost escalates, you can 
cover quite a large territory, and also selectively liberate enemy territories 
after circling around to instantly add ones up front.

The Garden upgrade is tempting to use in a spot with many sanctuaries for the extra 
knowledge, but imho thatís a trap. I use it militarily, after getting the research 
that boosts militia within 2 territories from it. It goes on the front line, making 
authority costs nearby cheaper and strenghtening defenses.

Fencers seem quite useless, with their focus on acting alone Ė donít like them. I 
also try to always ďovertrainĒ when there is no hurry for fast reinforcements.

So far, thereís a few things Iíd prefer to be different(fencers, the youngest 
daughter advisor(likely will never use her Ė sure I could first take the future 
sanctuary territory, load it with masterpieces, then abandon, but that just seems 
like extra work for a little bit of authority. Possibly strong, but only relevant 
when I already snowballed with the help of the other advisors picked). maybe some 
different handling or mechanic with sietches in sanctuaries.)

But itís been quite fun playing the house.
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