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Dread X Collection 3 Cheats

Dread X Collection 3

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Castle Progression Guide:
Written by Artman Cometh

This is a guide to help folks skip past difficult parts in the Castle. It is 
not a comprehensive FAQ/walkthrough, so don’t expect to find all the spooky 
secrets here.

-=The Castle=-
The Castle is the main hub area. You may select “Start Game” to play the story 
mode, or if you would just like to play the games fully unlocked, you may select 
“Free Play.”

To complete the story mode, you do not need to beat each game. You must simply 
try each game out. However, if you would like to unlock all the achievements, 
you will have to beat each game as well.

When the game begins, you will be able to explore the hub area. The games can 
be found in the graveyard, and unlocked in story mode by finding a candle and 
placing it at the grave marked with the game’s title. There are 12 candles 
hidden throughout the Castle.

The graveyard is located behind the castle. To find the graveyard, follow the 
left hand wall to the hallway with rubble. A brief dialogue will cause the nearby 
door to open, and you may continue following the accessible corridors until you 
get outside.

-=The Graveyard Candle=-
The first candle can be found at the far end of the graveyard in the hand of a 
statue. Place it at any marked grave, stand in the circle, and press “E” or “Enter” 
in order to begin playing that game.

When you press the button, you should hear a shimmering sound to indicate the game 
is booting. Only press it once. Pressing multiple times will cause the game to load 
in the background and you’ll have to tab out to select it.

-=The Snake Key Candle=-
The second candle can be found after unlocking the first game. There will be a 
blue flash of light and a lever will appear next to the locked castle wall gate. 
Open the gate, and you will find a hallway on the left side. There is a candle 
here as well as the Snake Key on the table.

-=The Dog Candle=-
The third candle can be found after using the Snake Key to open the Snake Door, 
a door with a large snake insignia for a lock. Past the Snake Door and down the 
hall, you will go up the stairs and see a window with cracked glass. Jump through 
the window and follow the catwalk to the cathedral.

At the end of the cathedral balcony, you will find a bag of dog food. Leap down 
into the cathedral and approach the altar. After the dialogue you may use the lever 
to open the door. On your right hand side of the graveyard, you will find Pumpkin 
the dog. Give them the dog food and you will receive the next candle.

-=The Vacuum=-
Candles four through eleven can be obtained in any order. They require the vacuum 
to access.

The vacuum can be found up the ladder directly across from Pumpkin. The ladder will 
be accessible after opening the cathedral door. Once up the ladder, you will find 
at the end of the hallway a room with the vacuum in it.

By holding the right mouse button, you can use the vacuum to remove cobwebs found 
around the castle.

-=The Vacuum Room Candle=-
The fourth candle can be found outside the room where you get the vacuum. 
It is located in the corner behind some cobwebs.

-=The Cathedral Candle=-
The fifth candle can be found on the ground floor of the cathedral. 
It is located in the corner behind some cobwebs.

-=The Cat Room Candle=-
The sixth candle can be found in the room with the cat. 
It is located in a tiny coffin behind some cobwebs.

-=The Sleepy Cat Candle=-
The seventh candle can be obtained by feeding the cat. You can find cat food 
hidden beneath some cobwebs on a table behind the cat room. Once obtained, give 
it to the cat and you will receive the seventh candle. You may also pet the cat. 
And why wouldn’t you?

-=The Garden Candle=-
The eighth candle can be found on the balcony garden, held by a grumpy demon 
plant. In the adjacent room you will find various chemicals and a pot beneath 
some cobwebs. These are used to create the weed killer.

To create the weed killer, you need to click the following jars the correct 
number of times:

Click the ‘Hug of Dog” jar twice.
Click the “Kiss of Toad” jar once.
Click the “Gummy Worms” jar three times.

If done correctly, the pot will fill with a green liquid and you may click on the 
weed killer to obtain it. If done incorrectly, the pot will fill with a brown liquid. 
You may click the faucet on the pot to drain it and try again.

Take the weed killer to the plant, and you will receive the eighth candle.

-=The Dungeon Candle=-
The ninth candle can be found by accessing the elevator. The elevator is found on 
the upstairs level of the Castle, and is missing a lever. You may find the elevator 
lever beneath some cobwebs in a hallway on the bottom floor.

Once you have the lever, you may access the elevator. At the top of the elevator 
you will find a pumpkin pie. Click the pie several times in order to reveal the 
tiny key. Don’t chip your tooth!

The tiny key can be used in the tiny keyhole, found in the little library between 
the graveyard and the narrow path. Using it will reveal a stairway going down into 
the dungeon. The ninth candle will be found on the floor of the dungeon.

-=The Crow Candle=-
Also within the dungeon is a cursed sword, found on the wall.

The tenth candle can be found behind the crow on the roof past the broken window. 
In order to pass the crow, you must place the cursed sword in the crow’s nest. 
It will fly away and you will be able to get the tenth candle.

-=The Mirror Candle=-
The eleventh candle is found past the snake door. At the end of the hallway you 
will find a room with a mirror hidden behind some cobwebs. Also in this room is a 
small coffin with the door closed. In the reflection you can see that the coffin is 
open containing a candle.

To access the candle, you must make the room you are in match the room seen in the 
mirror’s reflection. You will have to adjust the painting, the book on the table, 
the chair near the wall, and the jack-o-lantern on the floor to those in the 
reflection. When done correctly, the coffin door will open and you will find the 
eleventh candle.

-=The Tower Candle=-
Upon playing the eleventh game, you will get a dialogue informing you that the 
rubble blocking your way to the tower is now clear. The elevator to the tower is 
found in a hallway by the courtyard. At the top of the tower you will find the 
final candle.

Upon playing the twelfth game, you may return to the dungeon and find the mirror 
wall has vanished. If it is still there, you will see which game studio logo must 
be lit to access the passage. Go down the passage and engage in the dialogue in 
front of the shattered ship. Then return to the castle gate for one last piece of 
dialogue before the credits roll.
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