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Doom (2016) Cheats

Doom (2016)

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Cheat mode:
While playing the game, press ~ to display the console window. Then, type one of the 
following codes at the console window and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding
cheat function. This will mark you as a "Cheater" and disable online game play. Enter
the code again to disable it. To play again without the cheater flag, restart the game,
then start a new game or load a non-cheat saved game file.

Result                 Cheat Code
God mode             - God

Command console cheats:
Press ~ to bring up the command console and put the cheats in there.
To activate cheat, enable developer mode with: devMode_enable 1

Code                                              Effect
g_fov X  where X is the FOV number             - Change FOV
Com_showFPS 3                                   - Draw FPS
cvarAdd g_inhibitAi 1                           - Dumb AI
cvarAdd g_permaGodMode 1 ( or type in god)      - God Mode
cvarAdd g_permaInfiniteAmmo 1                   - Infinite Ammo
DebugUnlockPerkByAbility -1                     - Unlock Perks
DebugUnlockPerkByRequirement -1                 - Unlock Perks 2
dev 1                                           - Developer Mode (disables steam acheivments)
god                                             - God Mode (only cheat that works after update)

Hidden Demon Destruction mini-game:
In the "Lazarus Labs" mission, reach the room with the DOOM character's crypt in 
it. On the left side of the room is a screen you can interact with to play the 
Demon Destruction mini-game. The game plays like Candy Crush, but with demons. 
You can complete the "Time Well Spent" challenge on that mission for playing it.

Defeating the Hell Guards:
The Hell Guards is the second Boss in the game. You fight them at the end of 
Mission 11: Necropolis. The fight consists of two phases. In the first phase, 
you fight only one of the Hell Guards. He has a shield and you can only damage 
him when the shield is down. Use a weapon that deals a lot of damage with each 
hit. The Gauss Cannon with Precision Bolt mod is recommended. Try to get headshots
while using it. When he jumps at you, there will be some fire on the ground -- 
so make sure you jump when he does to evade the attack. Basically, all attacks 
the Hell Guards do can be evaded by double jumping (in both phases of the fight).
In the second phase, there are two Hell Guards, but they do not use shields -- 
so you can kill them very quickly. When the second phase starts, use the BFG on 
the two enemies. This will take away a large portion of their health. The Heavy 
Assault Rifle with Micro Missiles mod deals a lot of damage. It also causes the 
enemies to drop health and ammo. Simply run around them in big circles and shoot
rockets at them to quickly kill them.

Defeating the Cyberdemon:
The Cyberdemon is the first boss in the game. You fight him at the end of Mission
9 (Lazarus Labs). The fight is fairly easy. In the first phase, he mostly fires 
rockets which you can easily dodge by running in circles around him. When he uses
the laser beam, just do a double jump to the side. A great weapon to down him 
quickly is the Heavy Assault Rifle with the Micro Missiles Mod. The missiles 
inflict a lot of damage quickly. When his health is depleted, he will respawn 
again with a full health bar. He will now be throwing some projectiles at you. 
Do one jump (not a double jump) to dodge them. There is also a checkpoint at the
start of the second phase. When the second phase starts, immediately use the BFG
to take away a lot of his health. Then, use the Heavy Assault Rifle or Plasma 
Rifle to kill him while dodging the projectiles.

How to Boost the FPS:
* Go to Setting than in Video Option
* Turn Off the Following options
  -Vertical Sync
  -Motion Blur
  -Player Self Shadow
  -Reflection Quality
* Lower the Following Options
  -Light Quality
  -Shadow Quality
  -Directional occlusion
  -Decal Quality
  -Virtual Texturing
* Reduce the Resolution scale to get more FPS Boost
* You are ready to Hit the Show.

Terminator 2 Reference:
In the Foundry level, it's possible to fall into molten liquid and die. If that 
does happen, your character will give a thumbs up sign as he sinks into the soup,
a reference to events depicted in the classic sci-fi film, Terminator 2.

Skyrim Nod:
Explore the Kadingir Sanctum, near where you first meet the Baron of Hell. There, 
you'll find a cave with a hidden lever and a skeleton. The skeleton is wearing the
Dovahkiin horned helmet, and has an arrow in its knee, a reference to the popular 

Demon Deconstruction:
As you play through the "Lazarus Labs" mission, make your way to the room with 
the DOOM Guys crypt. Along the left side, you'll find a cabinet you can interact
with to obtain the "Time Well Spent" challenge on the mission. The gameplay 
resembles Bejeweled.

Dopefish reference:
The Dopefish can be found as the logo on boxes of ramen noodles from "Dopechan 
Noodles" found in various areas.

Fallout series reference:
At the start the game in the Prologue where you wake up and leave the area he 
was kept in, look at the bottom of the security door. You can see that a Mixom 
Manufacturing sticker has partially slid down, revealing that it was covering 
a Vault-Tec logo.

Commander Keen Easter Egg:
Commander Keen's Helmet is back in Doom and you can find it inside the cave in 
level 6. Commander Keen had an episodic video game developed by id Software in 
the early 1990s.

Bejeweled mini-game:
There is a computer in the "Lazarus Labs" level that when interacted with will 
play a Doom style version of Bejeweled. It can be found in the room with the 
DOOM Guys crypt on the left side.

Easy "Argent Fiend" achievement:
Progress in the single player campaign until you reach the final Boss. If you 
still have not fully upgraded health, armor, and ammo capacity, quit and replay
the missions to get the collectables. Then, complete the campaign once you have
fully upgraded health, armor, and ammo capacity to get the "Argent Fiend" 

Happy birthday room:
During the "Titan's Realm" mission, you will encounter an area where you can see 
a large number of enemies and a yellow booster platform at the back. Walk the 
stairs to your right and follow the wall along the second floor to the end. There
is a hidden room is behind a crack in the wall that you can jump up to reach. 
Although it looks like it is too small to get through, you can enter the wall.
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