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Disc Room Cheats

Disc Room

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Play Timeless Room and Unlock Discs:
Written by Zucker_Schock    

The solution consists of a secret riddle, i will give you hints in case 
you want to do it yourself. And a complete guide. This also fixes a bug 
that prevents you from unlocking the "Survive 5 seconds in all unlocked 
rooms" challenge in case you had problems with that.

If someone wants to uncover part of the riddle by themselfs i will leave 
hints in order:

-=Where to search=-
* The room which is connected to the timeless room and gets unlocked by it, 
  has a secret.
* The Roomname is "The Path".

-=How to find the code=-
* You need to find a code in the room.
* Something in this room isn't random.
* Each time you start this room something is always the same.
* Count the attacks of the first enemy in the room.
* The discs that first shoot out of the center always shoot out in certain 
* Count the order of the directions, that is your code.

-=The Code is=-
* Left, Down, Down, Left, Up, Right, Up.

-=What is the code=-
* The code is a path.
* It consists of directions.
* The Code is a 4 way directional pattern.
* The code consists of the directions "left" right" "up" "down".

-=After you have found the code=-
* You need to leave the room and do something with the code.
* You need to go back to your destination.
* Navigate the rooms in the order of the code. Starting from your current 
* You need to die to navigate rooms.

-=The Solution Without Hints=-
* Go to the room called "The Path" and die in that room.
* Use the arrows on the screen (not the map) to move rooms using the 
  following code: Left, Down, Down, Left, Up, Right, Up.
* This brings you to Timeless and you can do the room now.
* To unlock the disc, play the room and search for a new disc.
* It looks like A star, that is shaded and has a little sparkle/twinkle, 
  since it is a golden star, of course that cant really be seen well 
  because of the monochrome red color.
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