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Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Cheats

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Basic Hunter Tips:
Written by Sonata

Basic tips and upgrade paths that make your work easier.

Keep in mind that this guide was written as a basic set of tips that 
will make your journey easier and in some cases less annoying.

* The places for a new dig site will always glow blue if you get near 
  with the car and most are easily accessible if you follow the roads.
* Using the drone looks cool but it is really useless for any kind of 
  exploration, the range is short and if you get too far it simply returns 
  you to the start.
* Never use the flags and the rock locator, it is actually easier to 
  just dig with the shovel or the pickax.
* The digging places are really really obvious if you get near.
* Always break the empty rocks they have no use, just scan every rock 
  and keep the ones with bones.
* If you examine the rock in your hand moving them around you will get 
  information for the Knowledge tab.
* The bigger rocks can be examined again with the bone locator to get 
  the information for the knowledge tab but only in the pallet before you 
  use the plaster.
* Always keep spare crates in stock, in every trip you do to return the 
  filled boxes to the main hub get more crates for the return trip.
* Always keep the car in the glowing parking spot, it is normally blue 
  in color but turns green if you are parked correctly.
* Finish all the excavations in your current dig site before returning 
  to the museum, that way you will have a complete set of bones to assemble 
  most of the time.
* Finish everything in the Abandoned mine before going to the dinosaur 
  valley, the sites in the valley are really far from the main hub and will 
  make your life a pain if you donít have some upgrades
* Once you get the Museum car always use it, the old Grandpa car has too 
  little space and driving it is annoying, the big truck is incredibly 
  annoying to drive and will always get stuck in most places.

-=Upgrade Paths=-
* Keep in mind that this part is my own opinion, so if you find any other 
  path that works for you use it.
* Start with the dig upgrades, they will make your experience easier and 
  will be needed once you go to the dinosaur valley.
* The upgrades for lumber, driving, and swimming can be left for last as 
  they are not needed most of the time.
* All the other upgrades work nicely with just the second upgrade.
* If you finished everything in the Abandoned mine you will have nearly all 
  the upgrades before you go into the Dinosaur Valley.

* This part is really important because you get more workers as the museum 
  gets more prestige.
* You get prestige each time you add a complete bone set into the Museum 
  exhibition hall making it a really rare resource at the start of your career.
* Keep in mind this is my own opinion so if you find a better path use it.
* Drones are your friends, they will make your life easier and will help you 
  avoid long trips to the main hub to get more crates and will get faster as 
  you upgrade them.
* The hub to site teleport is useless if you finish all you can do in a site 
  before returning to the hub as you will never need to return to an already 
  opened site, get even more useless if you have the drones that get you crates.
* The site to hub teleport is even more useless and you need to get the previous 
  one anyways.
* The workshop upgrades are there just to make your life easier if you donít 
  like the cleaning of the bones part.
* Get the upgrade that increased the cleaning speed first, the one that adds 
  a second cleaning slot sounds good but it will be at the basic speed if you 
  havenít upgraded it and that takes forever.
* The cleaning crew will take less time to finish if you do some parts of the 
  process in advance.
* There is no upgrade to automate the assembly process, so have fun, once you 
  get the really small bones or the ones that have lots of parts you will know
  pain and if you are using a controller I pity you.

Collectible Locations:
Written by 5thCartwheel 

Below are collectible names (looking left to right)

-=Map 1=-
* fern leaves
* palm stem cast
* cycadeoidea leaves
* t-rex footprint
* palm leaves
* triceratops footprint

-=Map 2=-
* flying saucer toy
* butterfly fossil
* edmontosaurus footprint
* fragment of dinosaur skin

-=Map 3=-
* dragonfly
* alsophila leaves
* plants
* large dinosaur coprolite
* indian tomahawk
* fern leaves cast
* snake
* williamsonia leaf

-=Map 4=-
* tree leaves
* colt
* neocalamites stem cast
* calamites leaves
* sheriff badge
* petrified wood
* old winchester
* tree fern stem cast
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