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Dark Void Zero Cheats

Dark Void Zero

Steam Achievements:
Submitted by: David K.

Achievement     Description	
All My Enemies  - Kill one of every enemy type.
Bookworm        - Find all Journals in Valley of Doom.
Daredevil       - Freefall for 4.5 seconds.
Disintegration  - Kill 100 enemies in a row when armed with the Disintegrator.
Doom Ace        - Complete Valley of Doom with 0 Lives Lost on Hard.
Doom Grinder    - Finish Valley of Doom with at least 80,000 points.
Doom Master     - Complete Valley of Doom on Medium or Hard.
Doom Techie     - Find 100 Tech Points in Valley of Doom.
Easy Peasy      - Complete Dark Void Zero on Easy.
Exterminator!   - Kill 500 Parasites.
Game Ace        - Complete Dark Void Zero with 0 Lives Lost on Medium or Hard.
Hot Stuff       - Experience 10 lava-related deaths.
I'm A Luddite   - Destroy all Watcher Scientists in Science Lab.
L337 Sk1llz!!   - Complete Dark Void Zero on Hard.
Liberation      - Kill 100 enemies in a row when armed with the Liberator.
Lock Me Up      - Complete a lock-in fight in under 5 seconds.
Medium Rare     - Complete Dark Void Zero on Medium.
n00b!!          - Lose 10 lives in Valley of Doom on Easy.
Sanctum Ace     - Complete Inner Sanctum with 0 Lives Lost on Hard.
Sanctum Grinder - Finish Inner Sanctum with at least 400,000 points.
Sanctum Master  - Complete Inner Sanctum on Medium or Hard.
Sanctum Techie  - Find 100 Tech Points in Inner Sanctum.
Science Ace     - Complete Science Lab with 0 Lives Lost on Hard.
Science Grinder - Finish Science Lab with at least 220,000 points.
Science Master  - Complete Science Lab on Medium or Hard.
Science Techie  - Find 100 Tech Points in Science Lab.
Speed Demon     - Complete Dark Void Zero in 34 minutes or less.
Unscathed       - Take no damage from laser traps while hovering in Science Lab.
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