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Dark Seed 2 Cheats

Dark Seed 2

Talk to Sheriff. Go right. Talk to Mom. Take a magnet from a
refrigerator door. Go right. Watch TV. Open a cabinet door to
the left of the TV. get a camera. Open front door - you get a
ticket. Go and examine your bathroom - nothing here througout
a game - bleagh! Exit house. Click on bench and wait for Jack
- talk with him about everything. Exit to the bottom of the
screen - you get to the map of your city. Go to the location
of Dr.Sims office (I know that its hard for you to know which
one is that but after a while you'll get it). Try his door -
he is out. Go right. Talk with Paul Cooper. Go right. Talk to
Deputy Brown. Return back to map. Go to Hank's Diner. Chat
inside it with Hank. Exit. Enter Pool Hall. Talk with Johnny
and Melissa. Go to the backyard and search a trashcan for a
hanger. Exit to the map. Go to the location of Sheriff's and
morgue. Go to Sheriff's and chat with him. Exit to map. Now
go to the Carnival location. Go left. Knock door and talk
with Mrs.Ramirez. Go right twice. Click on the bushes and you
will locate a guy named Slim. Talk with him. He gives you a
reunion ticket. Go to the map. Go to the Dr.Sims'. He'll
hypnotize you. After that go back to carnival and use carnival
ticket on clown and chat with him after that. Go to the back-
stage of the carnival and try to lift an anvil. No way!
Now go to the Side Show of the carnival. Talk to Minnie&Daisy.
Go left. Talk to Gargan. Go left. Chat with Pandora. Now go
to the pool' backyard and into the tent. Talk with Slim. Go
to your house and sit on the bench in the yard to chat with
Jack. Now go to the sheriff's and talk with him about his &
Rita's affair. Go to the morgue. Talk with Doc Larsen - your
goal is to talk with him about hospital - here he escapes and
you can deal with corpses. In his lab you can open freezer and
examine Rita's body, look for 2 documents (I am not sure about
that one) to the left of the corpse in the center of the lab.
And finally, if you cant pick up a key from the corpse in the
center of the room you should 1) go and talk with Pandora about
everybody you saw at the carnival (but its essential only about
Minnie & Daisy as I recall) or 2) make sure you read a tag on
the corpse because that's a man Minnie & Daisy should tell you
about. Anyway, with a key go to the Hall Of Mirrors at the
carnival and find a way to the only door with a keyhole in it -
unlock it with the key and head for ornate room. And there go
through a portal to the Dark World (I will call it DW since
this and Normal World - NW). When you go through you will talk
with a Keeper Of The Light. She dies and you go to right and
navigate a maze to one of available exits. Here you can go
to the left (but not inside the skull) - here you'll meet with
2 bioguards who guard a prison. Try to solve their riddle - you
will fail because you have no correct answer option. Back to the
skull and go inside the mouth. Examine pillar. Go north. Go into
the tomb. Examine behemoth. Back to the pillar. Here go left and
talk with a face on the wall. Use magnet on it. Go left, examine
everything. Go left. Examine everything. Back to the pillar. Go
south twice. Go to the Hall Of Justice location. Enter the central
door. Talk with a guard and you'll be sentenced to death (thats
OK). After a ride, pickup a card on a corpse. Touch the emitters.
Talk to the Keeper Of Souls. Talk again. You will exit back into
DW. Now go to the civic centre (thats a location with a weapon-
smith's office).  Go into the weaponsmith's office. talk with
him. Exit shop. Go right. Enter the temple and talk to the Pri-
Estless. Exit. Go right. Here talk to the guard about prison
guards's riddle and dont talk with him after he tells you answer
because you will die (though its not fatal its not right). Go to
map. Here go to the recreational center & bar location. Go to
the bar and talk with a bartender. After that take a food. Also
there's a DW jukebox here with a malfunction but I doubt it can
be fixed. Exit. Go inside a center nearby. Try opening a door,
look at the device. Now go back to the pillar (near that use a
card on a barrier to get through). Here go to the prison and
solve the riddl eof 2 biofreaks. (In my case the right answer
was the upper one). Enter prison and use alien food on a guard.
Go past him. Talk to the Keeper Of Scrolls. Return to map. Now
go to the Hall Of Justice but enter the rightmost passage. Talk
to droid and show him your card and talk to get rid of his
presence. After that grab a Light from the table. Return to NW.
Go to the carnival. Go and play the Wheel Of Fortune and you
will succeed. Again go to the DW. Here go to the location where
you used a magnet on the face. So use your creature from wheel
contest on the panel at the right side of the screen. Go to the
recreational centre and take an ego-massager and enter a door
which you can unlock easily now. Go to the Goth and talk with
him. Return to NW and go to Gargan to give him ego-massager. He
will present you a pillbox. Back to Goth and give him pills.
Talk with him again. Take a crossbow near the entrance. Back to
NW. Go to sheriff's and you'll meet Mayor. Use hanger to open
his car and get a case with a coin and photos. Back to your
house and sit on bench to meet Jack. Discuss new evidences. Now
go again to sheriff's and use coin on the phone and dial
sheriff. Report a robbery just outside the town and he'll leave.
Enter his office and take a photo and a newspaper. Go home and
show this stuff to Jack as usual. Go to pool and talk again with
Johnny and Melissa. After that go to the morgue and look in the
drawer to the left of the corpse for Larsen's black book. Return
homa and share news with Jack. Go to Mrs.Ramirez house and talk
with her about Rita. After chat reenter to her house and you'll
see Johnny entering her mansion and being paid. Go to the window
and film them with your trusty camera. When you'll be back to
map you'll get a message to visit Dr.Sims so you do. After next
hypnosis and chat go back to your house and again share secrets
with Jack. Go to the pool. After incident go to Slim's hut and
talk with him. he gives you a letter and a gun. Return to DW &
go to the weaponsmith. Give him a gun and he'll give you an arm-
gun. Go to the NW's carnival and use this armgun at the Shooting
Gallery. Sheriff will come and warn you. Exit to  the map and
you are agin prompted to visit Dr.Sims. After a seance you'll
beat a Fed (wow!). Again go aqnd chat with Jack at your house.
Then go to DW and use the creature you won on the panel near the
thing that looks like Shooting Gallery (that's a screen to the
left of the pillar). Now go to the weaponsmith's location and
enter a previously locked door to the left of weapons shop.
Take a tool there. Back to the NW and go to the carnival there.
Go to the Ring Toss contest and use a crossbow on a cylinder,
you win the contest. Go to the DW and to the very left from
pillar. Use the last creature on panel. Go to the Hall Of Jus-
tice now and unlock a cabinet and take Scrolls. Back to NW.
Now go to the Paul Cooper's house and use a tool on the faucet.
Enter his house and go left there. Examine marks on the floor
and click on the closet to move it. Enter passage behind it.
Examine everything here. When you take keys Paul will enter and
you will kill Paul, but chat with him before he dies. Now go
to his Hardware Store and unlock it with keys. Use crossbow on
the alarm on the wall. Go to the house of Rita now and enter it.
Read letter on the desk and enter her bedroom. Take a card for
Pandora's special reading. Visit Pandora on carnival and use the
card on her. After this go to your bedroom and open a door. Here
examine a box of shoes and take a Sword. Exit from your bedroom
and go to the kitchen (its to the right, really!). Talk to your
Mom and after he dies talk with Rita's image. Go right. Go to
the portal from DW to NW. Your goal here is to get to the ornate
room before behemoth (Hint: at your first move go to the left of
entrance). You kill behemoth. Now go back via maze to DW - go
right from the portal and you need to reach the rightmost exit
so it will be a long way. Go to the pillar. Here use scolls and
light on the slots in the panel to the left of it and finally
use sword on the wire. You appear at the Dr.Sims's office and
talking to Jack. When you'll die click on the door to end this
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