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Dare to Dream 1 Cheats

Dare to Dream 1

This is how to complete the game:
Submitted by: Tanmay singh 

 1. Take the rubber from the alley. 
 2. Exit to bouf's. 
 3. select the ruber in your inventory list. 
 4. Double click on the helium tank(when you see the 
    magnifying glass as your pointer) 
 5. exit to roadway. 
 6. double click on the highest part. 
 7. you see the pointer change from the magnifier to the exit sign. 
 8. exit to the roof  
 9. exit towads the lift on the right side  
10. double click on the door and enter it. 
11. find the cross and pick it up. 
12. keep exiting till you get to the road way. 
13. exit to vinnie's on the left side. 
14. exit to the sewer. 
15. enter to deep sewers  
16. enter to tunnels 
17. enter to broken windmill 
18. select the cross and double click on the light. 
19. enter the door, which appears, to the eerie field.     
20. enter to the hills on the bottom-left side . 
21. talk to terry . 
22. select the unicorn key and enter the gate to your bedroom.
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