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Dante's Inferno Cheats

Dante's Inferno

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Defeating King Minos:
When the battle begins, avoid his tail strikes when they appear from the ground by 
constantly moving or dodging. When he rears back to yell, press RB to hang on to the
wall to avoid his screaming attack. Wait for him to lower his face, then attack his 
face until he exposes his belly. Attack the belly, then defeat the minions he sends 
out afterwards. Avoid his tail attacks again. Dodge his smashing fist shockwave attack.
After he slams his fist into the ground, run up to him, and press RT, then successfully
complete the subsequent quick time event. Attack his belly again, kill another wave of
his minions, and avoid more fist attacks. Keep attacking his face until he gets stunned
and his tongue appears. Press RT, then successfully complete the quick time event to 
defeat him.

Dante's Crusader Costume:
Complete the game once on any difficulty to unlock a new costume for Dante 
available on subsequent playthroughs. 

Gates of Hell Arena:
Complete the game on any difficulty to unlock the bonus Gates of Hell arena. 

Infernal Difficulty:
Complete the game once on difficulty to unlock Infernal level. 

Resurrection Mode:
After you complete the game on any difficutly, you have the option to import 
your current stats and relics into a new playthrough. This is basically a New
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