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Crucible Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Correctly Play Harvest Command (Useful Tips):
Written by SpaceButler

I play every mode in this game, and while the main 2 modes are much more competitive, 
Harvest Command (HC for short) tends to be a little more relaxed. 
But I'm finding a huge underlining issue:

-=No One Plays Their Zone=-
So to fix this issue, I'm going to lay out a few simple rules for you guys to follow 
to help lead your team to easy victory. So here we go.

-=At The Start of a Match=-
After capturing your Harvester, Do NOT leave your general area.
Once captured, farm essence within the area confined to the harvester your captured. 
This includes Hives as well other temporary objectives that come up.
Let the enemy come to you.

If everything goes right, and everyone plays their part during this time, you should 
see a massive influx of points before the enemy really begins to push. If everyone 
follows this method, you should always have at least 3 of the 5 points captured at 
all times.

-=If You Are Losing The Point Battle=-
* Do not farm essence.
* Stop free Dming at C point.
* Seek the take control of every Amplifier. These will help you instantly switch 
  every harvester.

Allow me to elaborate on this. If you only have 1 or 2 Harvesters captured and down 
10 points or more, and you're collecting essence away from a harvester, you are the 
reason your team is losing this fight. If Harvester points D, E, B, (and sometimes 
even A,) are captured by the enemy, and you and 3-5 others are still fighting enemies 
at C whether you have control it or not, you are the reason your team is losing this 

-=Golden Tips to Abide by When Playing This Mode=-
* If you are in a location with 2 or more teammates, Leave that area immediately. 
  Grouping up is actually bad for this mode, especially in large groups. This will 
  allow the enemy to spread out and cover more Harvesters.
* If you come across a 2v1 advantage at a Harvester point, unless the enemy is really 
  confident, they will usually play very defensive until backup arrives. During this 
  time, depending on the hunter you are playing and the hunter who is with you, allow
  a 1v1 to happen, leaving you or your teammate to capture the point during this fight.
  There's a chance you'll take damage, or the enemy will press on you, but if this 
  happens, you should then feel free to help kill this enemy.
* Pay attention to your captured Harvester Points on the map. If a Harvester Point 
  that your team has captured looks completely abandoned, there's a high chance that 
  the enemy is about to capture this point. So ping the map for enemies at that 
  location to make your team aware.
* If you play Summer, or Drahk, focus on the essence farm more than anything. These 
  2 hunters are of the 2 fastest herd clearers in the game, and you'll be doing more 
  of a service to your team by racking up essence, than you would in an actual fight.
* Never solo as a Bugg. If you find yourself alone, quickly meet up with a teammate. 
  The only exception is defending a point. A Bugg can hold a point by simply kiting 
  it, and it's annoying and brilliant at the same time.

And that pretty much wraps this guide up. I could go on and on, but this is a good 
stepping stone to helping you improve as a player and as team playing this game mode.
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