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Cool Spot Cheats

Cool Spot

Cheat Codes:
Use these keys during the game:

[0]  : Restore energy
[1]  : Level Warp 
[M]  : Free movement toggle
[5]  : Replay at other skill level
[F6] : Add Cool%
[F4] : Decrease energy
[F10]: Add 10 seconds
 Follow it by:
  [Q] : Shell Shock
  [D] : Wading Around
  [F] : Radical Rails
  [G] : Level Wound up
  [H] : Locomotive Level
  [J] : Dock and Roll
  [K] : Surf Patrol
  [L] : Toying around
  [I] : Back to the wall
  [C] : Level of the wall
  [B] : Pier pressure
  Other letters give bonus levels.

Action Replay Codes:
Submitted by: Dj Simo

ZX04690907  =  Unlimited energy
ZX04690909  =  Unlimited lifes
ZX0469093A  =  Unlimited time
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