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Cool 21 Cheats

Cool 21

Tips to Win: 
To have a good chance on winning, you gotta get 11's together, and
leave them alone in each row because there are lots of 10's out 
there...also, if you get an Ace, then save it in a row for the ten
to come up and get a blackjack! Believe me, it works!

Hi, alot of folks seem to think i'm pretty good at this (though i'm 
not sure i agree)... so i was asked to post my strategies. 
Here they are: 

1.Of course collecting elevens (the obvious).
2.Play horizontally. don't start stacking little cards on top of each
  other to keep other lanes empty... fill up all 4 lanes right away...
  only stack the little guys on top of each other if u have to, after 
  the lanes are full. 
3.See, the reason for hint #2 is that my strategy basically relies on
  the fact that for every 7, there is a 4... and so on... there are 
  exactly the right number of cards to match up one with another to
   make 11's... if u stack little guys on top of each other it's harder
   to remember what fell... and u'r more likely to get a pile of faces
   that'll make u bust.
4.I try to remember, if it does happen that i stack little guys on 
  each other, which card will be missing a 'partner' to make an eleven.
  So if i stack a 2 on a 3, i know there's one odd 8 and 9 out there.
  Remember it's a standard deck. So i don't count cards per se, i just
  try to remember which guys are missing partners.
5.AND THIS ONE WAS KEY FOR ME: in a hard game, i really don't care 
  about aces. That means i don't 'save a 10' or a lane to play an ace
  and get a BJ. Aces are nice when u can use them for BJs... but in a 
  hard game, they're even nicer because they're really small so they 
  can help clear lanes with 5-card clears rather than 21's. This leads 
  to smaller scores in particular hands, but at least you keep rolling 
  your score.
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