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Cookie Clicker Cheats

Cookie Clicker

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Set number of points:
Select the "Import Code" option. A pop-up message will appear 
with a blank field. 

Select the blank field and enter 
where "XX" is how many points you have.

Fastest Path to Sacrifice Garden:
This is the order I unlock seeds in, trying to complete a full seed log as fast 
as possible (to get Sugar Lumps as fast as possible). I have this in order of 
what to focus on next, trying to get straight to the slowest maturing plants 

-=Straight to Queenbeets=-
First, the "Straight to Juicy Queenbeets" path, starting with nothing but 
Baker's Wheat

* Baker's Wheat
* Bakeberry
* Meddleweed
* Brown Mold
* Chocoroot
* Queenbeet
* Juicy Queenbeet!

-=Leftovers from JQ Gardening=-
Then the "Leftovers from JQ gardening" path. Make sure to get these with the 
leftover Queenbeets after farming in that 4 square pattern (but chances are, 
you'll get these before getting a JQ)

* Skriekbulb
* Duketater!

-=Straight to Drowsyfern=-
Next, "Straight to Drowsyfern"

* Thumbcorn (probably already have this from the first stage)
* Cronerice
* Gildmillet
* Ordinary Clover
* White Mildew (probably already have this too)
* Greenrot
* Keenmoss
* Drowsyfern!

-=Straight to Everdaisy=-
Now, "Straight to Everdaisy"

* Shimmerlily
* Elderwart
* White Chocoroot
* Tidygrass
* Everdaisy!

-=Everything Else=-
Finally, "Everything Else." This order is arguable, so if you instead want to 
focus on rarer plants rather than slowly maturing plants, that's fine too.

* Crumbspore
* Ichorpuff
* Wardlichen
* Whiskerbloom
* Nursetulip
* Doughshroom
* Fools' Bolete
* Wrinklegill
* Chimerose
* Glovemorel
* Golden Clover
* Cheapcap

This is what I personally do, but I'm more than happy to hear arguments for more 
optimal paths (for example, I could see an argument for trying to get Elderwarts 
right after Juicy Queenbeets to speed up that process. I could also see an argument
for trying to unlock useful plants to use on the side first) I prefer this path 
though, since I am at the point where all I care about are Sugar Lumps.

How to Obtain Cheated Cookies Taste Awful and Third-Party Achievements:
Written by Scarlett mRose

Letís help you get these two achievements. So you can show off to all your 
friends you got them.

I know how hard it is to get these two ďachievementsĒ but Iíll show you itís 

Note: Steam will not recognize these as shadow achievements and will not appear 
in your achievement list. However, they will be recognized as achievements in game 
and will count towards the purple shadow achievement counter in-game.

So lets get started.

-=Step 1: Saving Your Game=-

If this is your first time with anything code related than you should save your 
game so you donít risk losing your game progress. Trust me, youíll thank me later.

Open the game and go into the Options tab and right away youíll see the export/import 
save buttons. Open the notepad on your PC (or any other note taking app), click the 
export save button and you will be met with a wall of letters and numbers 
(optional: save your game before clicking export so youíll have the most up-to-date 
save). Copy and paste that complex code into your notepad and then close Cookie Clicker.

That save code is vital so donít lose/delete it!

-=Step 2: Transferring Your Save File on Browser=-
This one is pretty straightforward. Open your preferred web browser (Chrome, Bing, 
Firefox, etc) and search for Cookie Clicker. Itíll most likely be the first result 
at the top of the page so click on it and welcome. You are now on the browser version 
of Cookie Clicker.

Obviously itís going to be a fresh game so itíll be very bare but not for long, this 
is where your save file will play a vital role. Once again click the Options tab but 
now click on the import save button. Now copy/paste your save file into that empty 
box and click the Load button once youíve done just that. With that, you should see 
your game come to life like as if nothing happened.

-=Step 3: Coding the Achievements in=-
Now donít be intimidated by having to code (trust me, I was also worried), but itís 
a lot easier than you might think.

Now hover your mouse anywhere on screen and right-click. Youíll see a mini menu 
full of various options but youíll want to click on Inspect (Should be the last 
option). Once you do, you should see this wide, white wall of text and coding on 
the ride side of your screen. Donít click on anything just yet, make sure you 
first click on Console tab on top since itíll most likely open you on the Elements
tab. Under the Controls tab, youíll see even more lines of codes. At the bottom 
you should see a blue ď>Ē with nothing next to it. Click on that empty line and 
write either one of these:

 Game.Achievements["Cheated cookies taste awful"].won=1

Once youíve done that, go ahead and add a new line to add the second code. Iíll 
add an image so youíll know what itís supposed to look like. Once you do that, 
go ahead and check your shadow achievements on your Stats tab and give it a few 
seconds for the achievements to appear and as soon as you see them, I suggest you 
save your game right away. Now youíre free to exit out of inspect mode (no need 
to hit save anywhere, it saves automatically).

-=Step 4: Heading Back to Steam=-
Congrats! Youíve officially got the hard part out of the way and now itís time to 
go back to Steam.

Once again, go to your Options tab and hit the export button. Youíll see you have 
a new save file to save so copy/paste that new file into your notepad (careful to 
not confuse it with your first one). Feel free to now close the browser and launch 
Cookie Clicker back up on Steam. Once it opens up, go to the Options tab one final 
time, click the import button and copy/paste that new save file and load. Once your 
game refreshes, you should see your shiny new and ďimpossible achievements at the 
very bottom of the Stats tab (This screenshot are my own personal shadow achievements 
to prove that it worked for me).

I hope this helps yíall out.

Now Iím sure many of yíall are aware that thereís a debug menu but Iím not sure 
if itís accessible on Steam so this is for those that want to take advantage of 
that menu for whatever reason:

When youíre in the browser version of your game, donít save just yet. Go to your 
bakery name and click to edit. After whatever your name is, in addition type 

For example: If your bakery name is Samantha, then your new bakery name should 
be ďSamanthasaysopensesameĒ

You should now see the logo of the ďCheated cookies taste awfulĒ achievement in 
the top left corner of your screen (right above your bakery name. Hover your mouse 
over that logo and then you should see the debug menu in all its glory.
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