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Constantine Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Defeating Gabriel:
Use your Dragon Breath gun to take away more life than any other gun you have.

Defeating the Vermin Demon Boss:
At about the end of the second level, you will find the Sangre de Dio. After you
solve the puzzle to unlock the dagger, pick it up and Constantine will start 
talking to himself. After about five seconds, an intermission sequence will start
and the Vermin Demon will start to form. When the fight starts, do not waste your
bullets. Pick up the screeching beetle that is on the left wall when you enter 
the room, if you do not already have one. This is the only weapon that has any 
effect on the Demon. Throw the beetle at the demon so that it falls to the ground 
and takes effect faster. This will paralyze it. Then, get close to it and melee 
it once with your weapon. It will disintegrate. If you hit it again, the Vermin 
Demon will hurt you. Step back, and now you can start shooting. The Witch's Curse
gives a lot of damage. When it starts to integrate again, go to True Sight so 
that you can find and pick up the beetle again. Throw it again and repeat the 

Defeating Kang-ore:
At the center of Hell's Library you will meet Kang-ore. This dragon will rise up 
from the center of the room and breathe fire as well as dive towards you. If you 
run around the room shooting him in the head with either The Crucifier or The 
Witches Curse he will die rather quickly.

Defeating the Behemoth:
This Boss hits the ground and causes you to fall. He also has the ability to draw 
you closer to him. If you have an Amityville Screeching Beetle throw it at him and 
it will stun him, then use your Dragon Breath Flame Thrower to hit the red swell in
the middle of his chest. That is his only weak point. If you do not have the Dragon
Breath Flame Thrower, you can use any of your projectile weapons to make short work
of this Boss. 
Note: You will encounter this Boss again in Hell's Museum, but use this same method 
to defeat him again.

Crucifier Shotgun:
When you come to the door that is at the top of the broken stairway in the alley, 
You can push the dumpster and climb over it and you will find a key go back to the
generator room and you can find the Crucifier (shotgun).

Super Hints:
Submited by: Aninda Das(IamGOD)

----------------------------MAIN BOSSES----------------------------------->

Vermin Demon:
At the end of the 2nd level you will find the Sangre de Dio. Afteryou solve the 
puzzle to unlock the dagger,Then the boss will be created in front of you. The
boss is the collection of rats and flies. Do not use gun, just go near the boss
and shot him with R-mouse it will break, then go and kill the mouses. Do this
trick again and again and you will kill that boss.You will encounter this Boss 
again aT "Find papa at night" use this same method to defeat him again.

At the center of Hell's Library you will meet Kang-ore. This dragon will rise up 
from the center of the room and breathe fire as well as dive towards you. Run and
dodge the attacks and shoot at it's head and kill him.

This is a very powerfull boss who can hit the ground and causes you to fall. He 
also has the ability to draw you closer to him. The weekoint of the boss is the 
red swell in the middle of his chest and the two red swellin his back. Shoot with
dragon breath and you will able to kill him faster.You will encounter this Boss again
in Hell's Museum and many other places, use this same method to defeat him again.

This is a very powerful demon that can through fireball very fast.Stand behind
a piller and kill the seplavite with the crossbow. Now activate the power demon
leech and go in front of him. He attacks you and the action occers in vice-versa.
Continue this process to kill him.

Miss angel is powerfull, run to dodge her attacks and shoot her with dragon breath
and finish her.

Take the dagger and kill side demons with holy shotgun. Wait for come Mammon down
and stab him. Continue this process to kill her.

-----------------------------OTHER DEMONS----------------------------------->

This demon is very fast and attacks with a sword, When they attack do not stood
at one place,keep moving and hit with Holy Shotgun to kill faster. 

Bat-dragon, can fly and attacks you throughing fire bolls. Do not stand still,
keep moving and shoot them with any gun exept holy shotgun & dragon breath. 

Two headed demon can attack with energy ball. Do not shoot them, just go close
and smash it with R-click repedly.

A Minetor looking demon can attack like bulls. Dodge them and hit at there back's
green week point with holly shotgun.


Follow the notes/journal to get hint for solving puzzales.
When youare unable to find a way just press Q for demon view and find a shining
circle and you will be able to find your way.


* The pistol is primary stage weapn has minimum damage power.

* The crossbow and the machinegun is the recyclable bullets gun in the game.

* The holy Shotgun is the most powerfull weapn in the game.

* Holy water bombs are not much powerfull but very effective at the nurses in 
  the hospital level.

* The bug is able to stop an enemy for a moment and recyclable.
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