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Conan Exiles Cheats

Conan Exiles

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

The admin command panel can be accessed in the game by pressing [Ctrl]-[Shift]-C. 
This gives access to a great variety of functions that admins will use in the game,
from spawning items to setting times of day,to cloaking etc. There are several 
additional commands that can be run from the command line ([Insert] or ~ tilde to open) 
which we think admins may find useful for day to day activities.

Cheat Code                     Result
Cheat MakeMeAdmin [password] – Grants you admin privileges.
MakeMeNormal                 – Removes your admin privileges.
SummonPlayer [Playername]    – This will summon a player to your location which is useful 
                               for situations where they are stuck etc.
Fly                          – Will allow your player to fly around the world. Extremely 
                               immersion breaking.
God                          – Makes you invulnerable to all damage, but also prevents 
                               knockbacks and other secondary effects from being applied 
                               to your character.
ToggleDebugHUD               – This shows server performance and number of players in the 
                               top right and your location co-ordinates in the bottom left.
                               (Note – not as cool as ToggleDebugHug command!)
[Ctrl]-[Alt]-[Shift]-L       – Will open a small window that shows your location in a 
                               format that can be copy pasted easily. Use this for bugfixing 
                               and teleporting to help stranded players.
ViewPlayer [Playername]      – Moves your camera to the inside of the target players head. 
                               Useful for snooping on players suspected of breaking community 
                               server rules. For [Playername] use the player’s Steam name.
ViewSelf                     – Moves your camera back to your own character. Useful to come 
                               back to your own character after using ViewPlayer.
Teleport                     – Can be used in conjunction with ViewPlayer to move your 
                               character to the location of the player you are viewing. 
                               Example usage: ViewPlayer [Playername], Teleport, ViewSelf.
[Shift] – [Delete]           – Will destroy any building piece and kill any NPC in front of you.
Walk                         – Return to walking mode from Fly or Ghost mode.
NoSprintCost                 – Toggles unlimited sprint mode – No stamina drain while sprinting
                               (Note: This is not unlimited stamina).
SpawnItem [item ID]          – Quantity Gives you an item. No item ID list had been compiled 
                               yet – You’re better off using the admin panel GUI where you 
                               can sort and search items by their names and categories instead 
                               of numbered ID’s.
Ghost                        – Enables no collision mode (ie NoClip) – Similar to fly but 
                               you are able to pass through solid objects (including the world).
Invisibility                 – Makes your character model invisible.
Cloak                        – Toggles enemy detection – NPC’s will ignore you even if you 
                               attack them.

Check the map:
Hit "M" to open the map. Unlike other games, the map does not change. If you're 
in a bad spot, open the map before you die and study it quickly. You'll know 
exactly where you are and can try and run back to recover your items.

Make a Friend, or 5:
Although you can certainly play the game alone, finding allies will make the 
experience both more enjoyable, and easier. Many of the late game crafting 
options requires a lot of resources. So much in fact that if you were to collect
them alone, you'd be at it for hours.

Making friends, or playing with friends will allow you to build more stuff, and 
defend what you have on a much greater scale. Of course, this is a game where PvP
is always an option, so sometimes, your attempts at friendship might end up with 
you losing your head, but you should still try!

Build a Shrine:
Once you've established yourself, you should build a shrine to your god of choice.
Shrines can offer very special, and useful items. The only downside is that they 
take a considerable amount of resources to build. This means it's best to make 
one once you have a few friends playing with you, so you all can contribute towards
its construction.

How to Build Circles in Conan Exiles:
As the irst step, take six triangles and put them together to make a circles 
shape. In second step, around the circle shape, add the Squares to the edge of 
each triangle and put triangles in the gaps to fill the gaps. In the third step,
around the previous circle shape, add the Squares to the edge of each triangle 
and put triangles in the gaps to fill the gaps.
Keep repeating the process until you finish the whole area you planned to build.

Written by ANCRON.

This is a simple info "guide" on console commands to learn emotes in game as an Admin 
of the server. If you are Admin of the server, or playing on "Your own Online" or 
"Single player / co-op server".

Some emotes are tricky to learn because of difference in name and command name, took
 me few tries to figure out some.

Upper case is not needed but it still works, and is easier to see what command means.
Emote names are taken from developer patch post. 
Actual command names I figured on my own.

Open console in game by pressing [`] twice. 
Enter one of the commands below to learn said emote in game:

LearnEmote Grovel
LearnEmote Ponder 
LearnEmote ClapBig 
LearnEmote ClapSmall 
LearnEmote Point 
LearnEmote BearHug 
LearnEmote Shrug 
LearnEmote Surrender 
LearnEmote DanceAquilonian 
LearnEmote DanceCimmerian 
LearnEmote DanceKhitan 
LearnEmote Dance 
LearnEmote DanceBelly 
LearnEmote DanceSexy 
LearnEmote LayingSeductive 
LearnEmote Squirming 
LearnEmote ComeHere 
LearnEmote Spank 
LearnEmote BlowKiss 
LearnEmote ShowOff 
LearnEmote CombHair 
LearnEmote Flirt1 
LearnEmote Flirt2 
LearnEmote Salute 
LearnEmote Wave 
LearnEmote Bow 
LearnEmote Kneel 
LearnEmote ByMitra 
LearnEmote BySet 
LearnEmote ByCrom 
LearnEmote ByYog 
LearnEmote PraySitting 
LearnEmote PrayStanding 
LearnEmote SitOnGround 
LearnEmote SleepOnGround 
LearnEmote ArmsCrossed 
LearnEmote Submissive 
LearnEmote ShiftWeight 
LearnEmote Score 
LearnEmote LaughSmall 
LearnEmote LaughBig 
LearnEmote Sigh 
LearnEmote Yawn 
LearnEmote Wounded 
LearnEmote ShakeFist

Base Defense Tips:
* Since PvE Conflict servers allow other players to attack you, there is a great 
  need to properly defend your base. The first thing you need to do is enhance 
  the resistance of your walls with the help of Sandstone Foundation.
* Then, you need to make sure that you can survive raids. Build your base in a 
  remote area and fortify it. You also need to leave as few things as possible 
  before logging off. This means that you need to use most of your materials so 
  that raiders are left with nothing to steal.
* Lastly, if you still want to keep a few valuable things in safety, then 
  create a hidden stash away from the base, and keep your stuff there.

Combat Tips:
* If you choose a weapon, whether it’s an axe, a bow, or a sword, be sure to 
  learn it as well as you can. You must know the exact range and damage it 
  produces in various situations.
* Never attack first, but let other players come at you. When you’re in a 
  protective position, you have a better understanding of your situation.
* Always carry aloe potions, Yog meat, or ambrosia. These will keep you 
  alive. Also, you can carry at least one good shield to protect yourself.

Iron Shadows in the Moon Achievement:
Written by Vince Noir

The Quick, easy way to get the most annoying achievement in this game, both the 
cheat and "legit" ways.

-=Cheat Method=-
* Go into Single player, set up a custom game with an admin password, create 
  character and begin.
* Go to settings, type in your admin password.
* Leave settings, go to your admin panel and enable fly
* Press and hold 'Space' to float up into the sky
* Do this for anywhere up to 3 minutes, this will cause the achievement to ping.

-=Legit Method=-
But I don't want to cheat. Okay okay, if you want to be "legit" about this:

* Grab about 400+ Foundation pieces, ideally sandstone or something cheap.
* Build a tower, jumping up to stay on top of it.
* After about 300 of these it should ping, enjoy getting down!

You can also go to the volcano and try climbing up the very northern spire of it, 
you may require max grit and climbing gear!

How to Skip Intro:
Written by Blitz ÂceRosin

You can click the Esc and space button to skip the intro movie if you want to turn 
off the intro entirely. here is a method below:

Go to: \Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Config\
open “DefaultGame.ini and set:


That’ll, not only remove the stupid ramblings of a half-naked hippy, but it’ll 
also get rid of the Unreal and NVIDIA startup stuff.

Beginners Tips:
If you have any experience in similar genre games then the complexity is really 
not too bad, a lot of the old recipes have been simplified and that helps considerably.

The best way i find to describe the combat would be ‘dark souls light’ you have a 
decent variety of weapons but they all function more or less the same way, light 
combo, heavy combo, block or special attack plus you get a few ranged options as well.

DLC is very much optional, only siptah adds new content that being the new map and
rhino saddles, the other DLC is decorative or aesthetic. Anything added by normal 
DLC be it armour, weapons or building pieces has a base game counterpart with the 
same stats, with very few exceptions notably the derketo building pieces and the 
aforementioned rhino saddles.

As for general difficulty, once you’ve got the basics down it smooths out, it can seem
 tough at the very start when you are at your weakest, but providing you don’t explore 
too far to the north until you have better equipment you should be fine, additionally 
if you avoid any massive looking creatures and try not to fight big groups in one go 
then most of the time it is pretty easy.

Once you know what you’re doing, the game is easier now than it has ever been (too 
easy in my opinion), but it still does very little hand-holding for new players. You 
will either have to exert actual effort to learn this game, or find people to answer 
questions. But because PVE in particular is so brainlessly easy now, you are likely 
to find bored people willing to hand out all the shortcuts. That’s not how I recommend 
learning to play, but if you’re afraid of being challenged there will probably be 
people willing to help you sidestep challenges.
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