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Colin McRae Rally Cheats

Colin McRae Rally

Cheat Codes (1998 game):
Code        Result
DARKSIDE  - drive all stages at night
BACKAGAIN - drive all the tracks backwards (Finish to Start)
FREEWAY   - dnlock all stages
PASSEDOUT - give Nicky control
WHITEOUT  - race all tracks in fog
PRESSFAST - pedal power
CHOIRBOY  - give Nicky a squeaky voice
SPECIALED - replay transition mode
ROCKETMAN - turbo boost
BIGGUNs   - double power
TURNBACK  - forklift steer
ALIENGOO  - jelly car
LOTTOWIN  - bonus cars
HIPPO     - concept car
ALLWHEELS - four wheel steering
DELOREAN  - Hover mode
GIANTLEAP - low gravity
BORROWERS - micro Machines mode
ONTHEWALL - mirror tracks
PASSEDOUT - Nicky Grist drives (*)

(*) Enable the code, then switch to the interior view to see Nicky Grist driving.

Bonus Cars 
To access the bonus cars, enter your name as LOTTOWIN. 

Drive the Concept Car 
To drive the concept car, enter your name as HIPPO. 

Hidden Tracks 
To unlock the hidden tracks, enter your name as one of the following: 


Jelly Mode 
For jelly mode, enter your name as ALIENGOO. 

Nicky Grist Drives 
I'm not sure what this does, but to enable it, enter your name as PASSEDOUT. 
Submitted by Lasse

Race a Toyota Celica GT4 
To race this hot car, enter your name as BEEFCAKE. 

Turbo Boost 
For a boost of speed, enter your name as ROCKETMAN.
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