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Colin McRae Rally 2.0 Cheats

Colin McRae Rally 2.0

New Driver Profile:
Submitted by: Silvia, Remo en Rita 

Insert cheats in the "New Driver Profile" window.
Name                 Result
ALLTHEBUTTONS      - All cars.
GREATNEWS          - All tracks.
NUTTYNETS          - Agressive cars.
WHEELYBIG          - Monster wheels.
SHINYBUTTONS       - Shiny cars.
CURRYFORME         - Turbo Boost.
TURNONTHEICE       - Background music.
BOINGBOINGBOING    - Bouncer mode
WAVEYOURLEFTS      - Reverse tracks.
MORRISMODE         - Escort MK1 car.
GOFASTERSTRIPES    - Faster cars.
GARYWILDASS        - Ford Puma car.
LETMEWIN           - Unlock all options.
EATTHIS            - Press [Handbrake] to shoot fireball in arcade mode.
OOHNICE            - Extreme damage, especially when hitting something.

Machine Gun: 
Submitted by: Viktor Hulth

Type your name as KILLTIME. Then how to fire the machine gun press 
the "H" button. then TA DA a machine gun on the roof.

Cheat Mode:
Submitted by: polo

Create new driver profiles, enter any tag, and then these words as name:

Code              Result 
allthebuttons   - All Cars 
greatnews       - All Tracks 
minime          - Mini Cooper S Car 
evilevo         - Access the Mitsubishi Lancer Alternatives 
onecarefulowner - All Cars 
offroad         - Lancer Road Car 
jobinitaly      - Mini Cooper 
jimmyscar       - Sierra Cosworth 
coolestcar      - Ford Puma 

Cat Silhouette:
Enter HELLO RAZU AND FLEA at the cheat options screen.
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