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Cliff Empire Cheats

Cliff Empire

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Ice Citadel Platform Guide:
Written by Mazian

An explanation of what Ice Citadel Ground Platforms are intended for.

-=Spoiler Warning, You Have Been Warned=-
The guide is a spoiler. I’m not going to further spoiler-text the content to protect 
people who come to this guide. Also, the only reason I’m creating this is because I 
searched the internet and could not find any references to this (and given that 
“platform” searches will turn up operating system platform results, I figured 
someone would appreciate having a guide that spells this out.)

-=Finding the Platform Construction Option=-
Open the construction menu (by clicking anywhere where there is open terrain)
Select the Ground category (While the category becomes available between acquiring 
access to wall structures and access to the orbital base– the Platform option is 
hidden until you reach 25 honor. It unlocks with the Ice Citadel zone unlock.)

-=Select the Platform=-
Place the platform on the ground in Ice Citadel’s ground. (It seems to only fit in 
the lowest ground area near the lake.)
NOTE: While it does seem to be possible to select the platform and then change to 
any of your first three cities, the platform cannot be placed on the ground in that 
area. (It appears it may be possible to place it on your city, but I do not have 
any area large enough or clear enough to let me try… so I am not attempting that.)

-=Purpose of the Ground Platform=-
After building the platform (10 frames, 16 beams, 70 cases) you will now have the 
option to build sidewall structures on the platform in Ice Citadel.

I estimate that you can place 5 platforms in Ice Citadel. Placing the platforms in 
contact with each other may or may not allow construction across their edges (I’m 
still in progress on my second platform) and placing them next to each other does 
prevent the contact space from being used for wall platforms. (So someone with more 
will to math than I will undoubtedly figure out if it is more efficient to build 3-4 
platforms and use the extra sidewall space or compress 5 platforms… you get the 
ground space for building regardless.)
I do plan to update my guide with the final bit of information about whether or 
not you can build across the edge of two platforms touching. It’ll be a few days 
because of their construction speed.

PS – Frames cost 7 matter, Cases cost 10 matter, and Beams cost 14 matter. 
Doing the math, that works out to be 1064 matter to complete a platform.
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