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CivCity - Rome Cheats

CivCity - Rome

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

While  playing, press [ENTER] then type in NERO and press [ENTER] again. Then use 
any of the following cheat keys.

Code         Result
[ALT]+K    - Win Game
[SHIFT]+C  - Free Camera View

Free money:
Start a new game then on the 3rd mission before you put down your town center press 
the following keys: 1, i, d, 5, i, o, 8, t, t, 7

Work time up without lowering city happiness:
Place all Wonders in the city. After they are built, raise the work time and city 
happiness will not fall. All of the Wonders together give enough happiness to counter 
act the work.

How to Fix Lazy Sleeping Workers:
Written by Basssiiie

Guide on how to fix the lazy workers that sleep all day during work time.

1. Open the folder where the game is located. You can go here by right-clicking the 
game in your Steam library, picking "Manage" and then "Browse local files".

2. Find the "CivCity Rome.exe" executable file in this folder and right-click it, 
then select "Properties".

3. In the "Compatibility" tab, enable compatibility mode and set it to Windows 7, 
then press the "OK" or "Apply" button.

4. Start the game normally (via Steam or executable) and see all your workers wake 
up and start working again.

-=Final Note=-
This does seem to break alt-tabbing the game for me for which I havenít found a fix 
yet. So beware of that.
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