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Civilization 3 - Play the World Cheats

Civilization 3 - Play the World

Cheat Codes:
submitted by: conner54

Start in modern times:
Click "Load Scenario" then select "moderntimes bic". You should start in
modern times with all the technology.

Infinite Gold: 
Next use a text editor to edit the "script.slc" file in the 
"ctp_datadefaultgamedata" folder. Now add the following lines to the file:

trigger 'DOR_T_Give_Gold' when (IsHumanPlayer(g.player) && 

Start in modern times:
Click "Load Scenario" then select "moderntimes bic". You should start in
modern times with all the technology.

Hurry production without money or leaders:
Instead of hurrying a production with large amounts of money or wasting a
valuable leader, just build a unit (such as a tank or something that needs 
more shields), and move it into a city that's production you want to hurry. 
Then, disband that unit and it will turn into a certain amount of shields. 
Repeat this process until it is done the next turn. 
Note: This does not work on small or great wonders.

Elvis appearance:
Set the system date to January 8. The King units in regicide mode will 
appear as Elvises. 

Planes land in middle of the ocean:
Build a fairly large fleet of planes consisting of five or more bombers, 
fighters, stealth bombers, etc. Then, put them all into one city and build 
a carrier. After that, move the carrier into the square you want to land 
the extra planes that the carrier cannot hold. Finally, press the button
that moves units of the same type from that stack (located above the info 
box) and land them on the carrier. Then, move the carrier and all the 
extra planes will be flying in the middle of the ocean. 
Note: The planes will remain there until you tell them to move to another 
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