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Chivalry - Medieval Warfare Cheats

Chivalry - Medieval Warfare

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

How to Pebble:
Written by Tobie

How to use the sling like a real big boi.

As a sling using archer, you should only ever use pebbles as your ammunition. Lead 
balls are a limited ammo, and though they are slightly more powerful, they are less 
infuriating. After all the only reason a good slinger slings is to cause feelings of 
hatred and rage in tryhards and noobs alike. Think about the angry boner you get 
whenever you die to a wayward rock after barely surviving a duel.

-=Using the Sling
The Sling (aka: Flaccid Slingshot) uses incredible kinetic energy to propel skipping 
stones into the skulls of unsuspecting footsoldiers. Perplexingly, the sling in this 
game throws rocks farther the longer you charge your shot, which isn't how slingling 
works. While you can charge your shot, it's not actually necessary. Remember that with 
an unlimited amount of ammo, your fire rate and accuracy are more important than damage 
dealt in a single shot. I recommend just lightly tapping the left mouse button once 
you have your target in range, this causes the sling to fire as soon as possible, this 
forces you to commit to each shot and keeps you agile. To make up for the slight range 
loss, just practice arcing your pebbles a bit higher than normal. 

-=What to Pebble
While all classes are open game for pebbling, by far the most prized sling targets are 
the crunchy classes (Vanny and Knight), you get that delectable *BINK* soundbite, and 
if you get the coveted headshot, you are rewarded with that wonderful exploding dome. 
Another reason the crunchies are a preferable target is that they move slower and more 
predictably than the squishies. 

-=Where to Pebble
FFA, TO, LTS, it doesn't matter, always go for targets that are engaged in a fight, 
they don't see you, they're most likely already low on health, and it's just the best 
way to enrage random innocent players. Remember that you are a pebble archer, you have 
no need for honor or dignity, you just want to skip stones off the heads of people 
with actual skill. 

-=When to Pebble
A wonderful bit of advice for the up and coming pebble meister is to take your time 
on your shots when necessary, if your target is aware of you they will try to zig zag 
and close the distance between the tip of their weapon and your soft virgin butt meat. 
Try to wait until they make a move you can predict, then fire. Try not to fire at 
enemies who are on the move; rather, fire when they are resting or trying to ward off 
other players. For shield knights, wait until they have their sword arm facing you, 
as the shield will block shots even when it's not being held up.

Maximize Your Cancer
To really be an annoying pebbler, try these techniques...

Spam a misleading voice emote such as "Retreat" or "Sorry" the entire time you play, 
no matter what. This will increase your annoying presence threefold.

Use your sling to kill your target from point blank range, by refusing to draw your 
secondary weapon you solidify your place on the server as the drooling kissless sped 
that you truly are.

Target a single player more than anyone. Really get those chicken tendies roasting 
with your dank pebble skills as you sneak around the map and pick on the same player 
for the entire game. 

Never shut up in chat about how much you hecking LOVE pebbles, your life is throwing 
rocks from a distance, it just gets you hot an bothered when the chat isn't filled 
with talk about slings. This will really increase your popularity among the morbidly 
curious onlookers of the game.

Steam achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. 
To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then
"My profile", then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement                    How to unlock
A warrior is made, not born  - Play the tutorial to get this achievement.
Agatha Knights supporter     - Team up with Agatha Knights for 20 hours.
All Bastard weapons Unlocked - Gather enough experience with bastard weapons.
All Bows Unlocked            - Gather enough experience with bow weapons.
All Crossbows Unlocked       - Gather enough experience with crossbows.
All Daggers Unlocked         - Gather enough experience with dagger weapons.
All Javelins Unlocked        - Gather enough experience with javelin weapons.
All Light weapon Unlocked    - Gather enough experience with light weapons.
All One handed Axes Unlocked - Gather enough experience with one handed axe weapons.
Cowboy                       - Pet a cow.
Crossbow Unlocked            - Gather enough experience with crossbows.
Cupid                        - Shoot 40 arrows into the heart.
Dagger Unlocked              - Gather enough experience with dagger weapons.
Down She Goes                - Sink a ship in Hillside.
Fire Nemesis                 - Put out the fire beacon in Hillside.
Fire Starter                 - Have 20 kills with Oil pot.
Fists of Fury                - Have 100 kills with the fists.
Five Star Arching            - Get 10 Headshots with the Bow in one game.
Heads Together               - Decpitate 2 opponents with 1 swing.
Home is where the castle is  - Spawn at least 20 times inside the Stoneshill castle as
                               Agatha knight.
I am a wall                  - Successfully block 1000 times.
It gets easier               - Play the tutorial to get this achievement.
It was him or me             - Play the tutorial to get this achievement.
Javelin Unlocked             - Gather enough experience with javelin weapons.
Just a flesh wound!          - Lose your head 100 times.
King of Kings                - Survive 10 minutes as King in Stoneshill.
Knight Veterans Helmet       - Become a Veteran Knight.
Let it rain                  - Fire 10.000 arrows with the Shortbow.
Light weapon Unlocked        - Gather enough experience with light weapons.
Man at Arms Veterans Helmet  - Become a Veteran Man at Arms.
Mason Order supporter        - Team up with the Mason Order for 20 hours.
One handed Axe Unlocked      - Gather enough experience with one handed axe weapons.
Reach level 10               - Gather enough points to reach level 10.
Reach level 20               - Gather enough points to reach level 20.
Reach level 5                - Gather enough points to reach level 5.
Rotisserie Chef              - Decapitate an opponent that is on fire. 
Sands of Time                - Play Chivalry for more than 80 hours.
Sightseeing                  - Play 60 minutes each on Stoneshill, Hillside, Dark Forest.
                               and Battlegrounds.
Spear Unlocked               - Gather enough experience with spearing weapons.
Swordsmith                   - Unlock all swords.
Two handed Axe Unlocked      - Gather enough experience with two handed axes weapons.
Two handed weapon Unlocked   - Gather enough experience with two handed weapons.
Vanguard Veterans Helmet     - Become a Veteran Vanguard.
Vultures Chef                - Kill 100 Men at Arms.

Easy "Rotisserie Chef" achievement or trophy:
As a Man-at-Arms, equip a fire pot and broadsword and find a single enemy. Throw a 
fire pot at your target to set them on fire, then begin a swordfight and try to aim
for the neck. Consider using an archer as your victim, as they have the least health
and no armor. Note: Kills on allies will also count. 

Easy "Swordsmith" achievement or trophy:
Unlock all the top row weapons with a Vanguard, Knight and Man-at-Arm. This requires
100 kills per class, for a total of 300 kills required in total. The swords that 
Archers use do not qualify.

Easy "Heads Together" achievement or trophy:
Enlist the help of two friends and play on an empty server. Have your friends play 
as archers and line up close together. As a Vanguard with a greatsword, hit both 
friends in their legs to drop their health. Then, aim at their necks and swing away.
Repeat the process as many times as needed, as your success will be random. 

Easy "Let it rain" achievement or trophy:
Play in Team Objective mode and find locations near ammo crates. Blindly fire your
shortbow in the general direction of your enemies.

Easy "Agatha Knights Supporter" achievement:
Play as an Agatha Knight and enable the "aoc_slowmo 99999" code. Then, allow the 
game to idle a few hours to get the "Agatha Knights Supporter" achievement.

Easy "Fire Nemesis" achievement:
Enter an empty Team Objective mode server with another player. Change maps until 
you get the "Hillside" map. Join Masons and have the other player join Agathians. 
Run to the beacon and have the other player set it on fire. Then, extinguish the 
fire to get the "Fire Nemesis" achievement.

Easy "Fire Starter" achievement:
While playing as a Man-At-Arms, equip a fire pot and look for targets on a Team 
Objective mode server that are already covered in blood. Throw it at them, then 
go to an ammo crate to get another fire pot. Repeat the process as many times as 
needed to get the "Fire Starter" achievement.

Easy "Fists Of Fury" achievement:
Enter an empty Hordetown mode server. Start the match solo and kill the first wave 
of peasant bots, which will die after a single hit of your fist. Either fight the 
rest of them with swords and advance to get another wave of peasants and knights, 
or intentionally lose to the first wave's commander. There are ten minions in the 
first wave and eight of them are peasants that can be dispatched with one hit.
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