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Chicago 1930 Cheats

Chicago 1930

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Ted
Submitted by: conner54

Press [F11] for the console, type the desired cheat, and press 
[Enter] to return to the game: 

Code                Result
GOLDENEYE         - Make all PCs invisible for other characters.
FULLHOUSE         - Give all PCs ammunition for all actions.
FREEZE            - Freeze / unfrost all NPCs in the level.
FORGET            - Check the current state of the memory
FPS               - Display the FPS rate
EZB               - Gives money
EULER             - Show the graph of the pathfinder.
EINSTEIN          - Show all 3D-obstacles !
DIES IRAE         - Divine intervention against enemies.
COMPANIES         - Display the company numbers
CALL              - Call a PC's method
BUD SPENCER       - Stun all oponents.
BIG BROTHER       - Display some actor infos.
BABYLON           - Display all NPC remarks on screen.
AWARE             - Display all NPCs
ASSERTFALSE       - Ok !
ALARM             - Reinforcement arriving...
AI                - Display AI information. 
GHOST             - Invisibility
DISPLAY           - Shows all characters
BINGO             - Ammunition
WINNER            - Win level
IMMUNITY          - PC's invulnerable.
BLOOD             - See blood.
WEAPON            - Get a weapon (+ weapon ID).
MATRIX            - Get unlimited slow motion time.
CHROMA            - Change the color of one PC on the fly.
OPTIMIZE          - Try to optimize the custom memory manager.
CESTLAZONE        - Display script zones.
I AM THE WINNER   - Win the campaign!
CAMPAIGN          - Load campaign values (CAMPAIGN FILENAME)
PCSIGHT           - Enable PC view cone
LIGHT             - Display light zones
REPORT            - Complete campaign state report
SEEKANDDESTROY    - Display all seek points
SARKOZY           - Securization of all memory allocation !
LUKAS             - Knock out a PC.
WIN               - Win this mission !
WAKEUP            - When the currently selected NPC is sleeping, he wakes up.
UBIQUITY          - Unblip all actors.
STATUS PC         - Display the current status of all PC
STATUS SHADOW     - Get Information about the sprite cache.
STATUS HARDWARE   - Get information about the hardware used.
STATUS FRAMECACHE - Get information about the current sprite caching system.
SPHERE            - Display the shadow polygon sphere.
SHADOW            - Display the free shadow polygon.
SAN PETRUS        - Make all selected PC go to paradise.
ROTER ALARM       - Alert all NPCs in the level
RAILROAD          - Display railroads.
PROJECTION        - Show all 3D-projection areas.
PAMELA ANDERSON   - Make the soldiers stupid in close combat.
NUKE              - Kill all opponent in the level.
NOISE             - Display ranges of walk noise of the PCs.
MOTION            - Show all motion obstacles & doors.
MORPHEUS          - Knock out selected NPC
MISTER SANDMAN    - The PCs make a little nap.
LOOSE             - Loose this mission !
LEVEL TEXT        - Display all texts for the current level
LAST MAN STANDING - Beam all but the selected NPC to Honolulu
HONOLULU          - Beam the selected NPC to Honolulu
HIGHLANDER2       - All adversaries become invulnerable.
HIGHLANDER        - All PCs become invulnerable.
HELP              - Display this help.
HADES             - Kill selected NPC
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