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Championship Manager 5 Cheats

Championship Manager 5

Buying A Player For Free:
Submitted by: Uchman

Find the player first, then on the make offer screen, for the amount enter
"E0" and then scroll down to installments and offer double the player's 
value for 12 months. Click offer. When the club accepts offer player 
contract and give exactly what the player wants but increase the number of
years. Now when player accepts to come, and is now in your team check your
finance screen and see transfer details, offer new contract, sign on fee 
should be E0 and period should be 5yrs. Once player accepts and you tie up
the deal, go to finance and check transfer detail, installment has been 

How to buy cheap players:
Submitted by: Heo moi

Let's go to search player is expering contract or expired contract, but you
are carefully with low level player.

Get A Player On Free Transfer:
Submitted by: Uchman

Search for a player and make an offer, in the offer screen , offer 0 for transfer,
then go to installments and offer 12 months at double the players value (player 
is worth 5m offer 10m), when the club and player accept your offer, offer player
a new contract, after a day or two the installment offer will disappear. Check 
your finance screen (transfer details) to confirm.

Hints - Players:
Submitted by:  Heo moi

Hi! Let's buy all player follows and you will received the result:

-Drogba (chelsea) superman in this game
-Frank lampard

Get any player:
Decide which player you want, then go to "Make Offer" under "Actions" on the player.
Make a loan offer (must be 100% wages and one month). If he joins on loan, put him 
in the youth squad then select "Actions" and approach to sign him. He will then sign
on a free transfer. 

Recommended players:
Victor Valdes: FC Barcelona 
P.Cech: Chelsea 
C.Kirkland: Liverpool 

Felipe WB/MLC: SC Internacional 
Rodriguez FB/DLC: Villareal CF 
J.Carragher FB RLC: Liverpool 
L.Baines FBL: Wigan Athletic 
Alex Gonzalez DC: Real Madrid 

M.Essien DMC: Lyon 
Xabi Alonso MRC: Liverpool 
S. Gerrard MC: Liverpool 
F.Lampard MC: Chelsea 
Joaquin WG RLC: Real Betis 
Fabio Santos WB/MLC: Sao Paulo FC 

Adriano SC: Inter 
D. Cisse SC: Liverpool 
W.Rooney SC: Man Utd 
M. Owen SC: Real Madrid 
M.Baros SC: Liverpool 
Jo SC: Free Transfer 

Recommended team:
Use the following players to create a dream team.

GK: Petr Cech (Chelsea) 
RB: Carles Puyol (Barca) 
LB: Ashley Cole (Arsenal) 
CB: Rio Ferdinand (Man U) 
CB: Alessandro Nesta (AC Milan) 
DM: Steven Gerrard (Liverpool) 
AM: Pablo Aimar (Valencia) 
RM: Joaquin (Real Betis) 
LM: Arjen Robben (Chelsea) 
CF: Thierry Henry (Arsenal) 
CF: Ronaldinho (Barca) 

The following players are bargains:
GK: Steve Simonsen (Stoke) 
RB: Dennis Brinkmann (Alemannia) 
LB: Nicky Shorey (Reading) 
CB: Matt Hill (Preston) 
CB: Lewis Buxton (Stoke) 
DM: Tom Huddlestone (Derby) 
AM: G. Jamarauli (Metalurg Donetsk) 
RM: E. Bopp (N. Forest) 
LM: Craig Armstrong (Bradford) 
CF: Chris Hermansen (Vejle) 
CF: David Nugent (Preston) 

Tip 1:
If you want a top range keeper and have about £14 to 16 million to spend, 
Timo Hildebrand from VFB Stuttgart is recommended. His skills rival those
of Chelsea keeper Petr Cech.

Tip 2:
Roberto Baggio is a great player, and is free. He does not cost anything
because he is out of contract. He retires at the end of the first season.

Submitted by: Stephanus Andi P

With this team, I win all trophy for 5 season!! Score: average 5 goals/game!
No Doubt!

Formation : 4-2-4
GK: Buffon

Frank Rost
Timo Hildebrand

DF: Nesta
Marcelo Jose Bordon
Wayne Bridge
A. Hinkel
MC: Lampard



FW: Ronaldinho (98 Goals/45 game--worth 35 million)
Shevchenko (80 Goals/40 game--worth 27 million)
Fernando Torres (78 Goals/28 game--worth 28 million)
Carlos Tevez (20 Goals/7 game--worth 15 million)
Robinho(36 Goals/18 game--worth 18 million)

Team Tactics:
Passing: Direct
Mentality: Attacking
Closing Down: Always
Counter Attacking

Individual Tactics:
4 Defenders:
Mentality: Defensive
2 Midfielders:
Mentality: Defensive
Hold up Ball
2 Wingers: 
Mentality: Attacking
Cross from touchline
Cross to center
Run with ball
2 Strikers
Mentality: Gung Ho

The following players are very good and have a free transfer:
GK: Josť Luis Felix Chilavert 
GK: Danilo Verus 
DC/FBL: Winston Bogarde 
DM/MC/AM: Redondo 
MR: Justin Zikama 
WG R/L: Marc Overmars 
AM/CM/S: Jordi Cruijf 
AM/F: Alexander Mostovoi

Recommended team:
Some of the following young players may be expensive, but they are worth it.

GK: M. Moreau 
RB: Steven Watt 
LB: Tobias Rau 
CB: A. Vanden Borre 
CB: Vincent Kompany 
DM: Tom Huddlestone 
AM: Diego 
RM: Cristiano Ronaldo 
LM: Manuel Fernandes 
CF: Robinho 
CF: Derek Riordan

Recommended players:
If you want a top range keeper and have about £14 to 16 million to spend, 
Timo Hildebrand from VFB Stuttgart is recommended. His skills rival those 
of Chelsea keeper Petr Cech.
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