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Celtic Kings Cheats

Celtic Kings

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: indraF

Press "Enter" to open chat dialog and type "ToggleFog".
Now you can see everything (but not in minimap).

Press [Enter] during gameplay and then enter the following codes:

Effect               Code	
Flatten terrain.   - flatterrain	
Remove fog of war. - togglefog	
Remove houses      - togglevis	
Remove trees.      - removedecors	
Switch sides.      - setplayer	

Cheat mode:
Submitted by: nightraider

Start game, hit enter and type the following cheats: 
No.. Cheat/Debug String Description 

001) AddFD shows white tiles all over non-object areas and 
black tiles over object area 
002) AdvExplorer Built in MYTH option .. Computer hangs 
003) ae shows a nice tree with all the properties of the 
current level (it's actually an editor of some kind) 
004) AppendFile nothing visible 
005) BlurTerrain nothing visible 
006) BuildRLEMMap yet another game-hanging option 
007) BuildSPF nothing visible 
008) ChangeFormation nothing visible 
009) ChMap nothing visible 
010) ClearDecors nothing visible 
011) clock nothing visible 
012) cls nothing visible 
013) Conv nothing visible 
014) CurPlayer nothing visible 
015) cvar1 nothing visible 
016) cvar1 nothing visible 
017) cvar2 nothing visible 
018) cvar2 nothing visible 
019) DebugSelected debugs the selected unit 
020) DeepWater running DeepWater(1,1,1) says "BuildDark() 
cannot be executed - the source has been 
commented, Ask Mordred!" 
021) DelDecor nothing visible 
022) Desync writes a desync_test.txt 
023) DisablePtDraw nothing visible 
024) Dlg nothing visible 
025) DumpFuncToXML dumps some XML function descriptions into 
026) DumpObj shows a nice tree of the selected unit's 
abilities, don't use when nothing is selected 
027) DumpStats nothing visible 
028) EdgeOfForever nothing visible 
029) EnablePtDraw nothing visible 
030) ESG tells about the enemy squads of player2 
attacking player1 or smth - ESG(1,2) 
031) ExploreAll nothing visible 
032) Explorer MYTH (R) function 
033) ExportObjs ExportObjs('filename') and it exports all the 
objects into filename 
034) ExportTerrain same as above, exports terrain 
035) F5 nothing visible 
036) FlatTerrain flats terrain 
037) GAIKAFD shows green tiles all over the non-object space 
and black tiles under objects 
038) GenTransTables nothing visible 
039) GetItem GetItem('x') probably gives you item x if you 
know it's itemid 
040) gmp gives coordinates of the point under the mouse 
041) GS GS(1) -> hang 
042) IngameDebugSelected nothing visible 
043) InsDecor nothing visible 
044) Invalidate nothing visible 
045) Load Load 
046) Load loads name 
047) LSA hangs 
048) MakePassable nothing visible 
049) MousePos shows mouse position 
050) Pause pauses/unpauses 
051) PerlinTest nothing visible 
052) PFPersist nothing visible 
053) pr prints a bool, int or string 
054) pr same as above 
055) pr pr('You are fat') will print 'You are fat' 
056) PreLit shows BuildLight(), apparently does nothing 
besides that 
057) PrintMemStats shows memory statistics 
058) ProfileStart nothing visible 
059) ProfileStop nothing visible 
060) quit quits, obviously 
061) RayOfLight "Abe ti me buzikash s tezi parametri maj,a?" 
062) RebuildPass nothing visible 
063) ReloadConstIni nothing visible 
064) RemFD opposite of AddFD (removes the white tiles) 
065) RemoveDecors no more bushes, trees etc. 
066) Render nothing visible 
067) Save Save 
068) Save saves name 
069) SaveEdit nothing visible 
070) ScreenShot saves a huge bmp screenshot 
071) sd nothing visible 
072) selb nothing visible 
073) sels nothing visible 
074) selsq nothing visible 
075) selu nothing visible 
076) SetPlayer switches player; don't do it when you're 
playing alone :) 
077) SettlementCount gives a settlement count 
078) ShowFlatTerrain the terrain becomes weird 
079) ShrinkEntities MYTH (R) function 
080) Spawn Spawn(100,10) spawns 100 units for you and 
10 for the enemy 
081) Splash nothing visible 
082) switch nothing visible 
083) TestAdventure tests adventure integrity 
084) TestAdventureDebug nothing visible 
085) TestLoad uhm, made everything black 
086) TestSave nothing visible 
087) ToggleFog Toggle Fog Of War 
088) ToggleLD nothing visible 
089) TogglePtDraw nothing visible 
090) ToggleVis Toggle Houses/Decoration 
091) TTest translation test 
092) TTestf "Translatef test" 
093) UndoMemory accessible only in editor mode 
094) Unit::GetAnimState nothing visible 
095) USR tells what the hell does the selected unit do 
096) _Black blacks the screen 
097) _chs nothing visible 
098) _DbgSel displays the danger for the current selection? 
099) _InvalidateAllToggle nothing visible 
100) _Place nothing visible 
101) _PlayersAlly nothing visible 
102) _PlayersMakeEnemies nothing visible 
103) _PlayersShareControl nothing visible 
104) _PlayersShareSupport nothing visible 
105) _PlayersShareView nothing visible 
106) _RedrawAll nothing visible 
107) _SetCursor nothing visible 
108) _SetNextSeason nothing visible 
109) _ToggleInvRects shows rects over units.
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