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Close Combat 4 - Battle of the Bulge Cheats

Close Combat 4 - Battle of the Bulge

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: amlan and amar

While playing the game in the debug mode, press the star* on the numpad key. A 
boot will appear in the place of the mouse cursor. Place the boot over anything
in the map and that thing will be destroy; either a tank or a soldier. 
Pressing [ctrl]+[f7] will make you win the game.

close combat specialists

when the american troops run short of ammo, especially the recon groups, order 
them to move over destroyed german groups to pick german weapons but the other 
teams won't pick up weapons as they have pistols and rifle grenades. Order them
to fire within 8-9mtrs to finish off with their ammo and order them to move 
thru destroyed german troops to pick their weapons. they will pick up all non 
antitank weapons except hmg's,mg's  etc.

Chris Farley Head:
If you type in "ChrisFar" when you turn the game on, all the faces in 
the game will look like Chris Farley.

Requisition Points Cheat:
First make a backup copy of any file before making any changes.
Start a game in either the German side or the Russian side, save it,
then exit back to Windows. Find the save file in Microsoft Games 
directory and open it using any hex editor. Find offset 297A0 for 
the Russian side and change the 5th double column to read FF79 which
will give you 30,000+ req. points. For the German side, find offset 
308E0 and change the 3rd double column to read FF79. On either Russian
or German side anything higher the FF79 will give you negative 32,000
req. points. You can also enter FF80 on the opposite side you are 
playing and they won't be able to get any teams. Which will in turn 
enable you to be promoted faster.

* Watch that mortar ammo. The mortars are valuable weapons, but they are
  also notoriously low on ammo. Don't tell them to fire and then forget
  them. Fire a few rounds and then shut them down. Don't worry, there 
  will be more targets later.  

* Yes, tanks are awesome. On the down side, they are much less awesome 
  without infantry support. Never move adjacent to a building until you
  have put a few shells into the building and checked it out with an 
  infantry team. 

* You don't need a lot of men to charge a position. You need a lot of 
  men suppressing the position. If you have three squads, use two to 
  suppress the enemy while a third advances on the bad guys. 

* Americans must place their puny AT Guns (57mm) in positions where they
  can shoot the side of the German tanks. This means keeping the AT guns
  away from the victory location that you are defending. You don't want 
  a direct confrontation with the German armor. Place the AT guns off to
  the side of the victory location and blast the Germans when they expose
  their flank.
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