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Castle of the Winds Cheats

Castle of the Winds

Add Unlimited Levels:
To get unlimited levels basically go to a set of stairs (going up or down) 
and input SHIFT + 9 (for stairs going up) or SHIFT + 0 (for stairs leading 
down). This replaces the level that was at those stairs with a new one and 
new objects.

To use: Hex-edit your saved game file. Be sure to 
have a decimal-to-hexadecimal converter on hand. 
If you do not know how to hex-edit files, it is 
best not to even try.
Offset - Size - Description
    94 - 2 - Current HP
    96 - 2 - Maximum HP
    98 - 2 - Current Mana
    9A - 2 - Maximum Mana
    9E and A2 - 4 each - Experience points (be sure to edit both 
    values so that they are the same!)
 Note: It is probably best to check how many experience points you 
 need for the next level, and enter that value (minus about 50), in 
 the 9E and A2 double-words. That way, you can also learn new spells 
 and the shops will have new stuff when you gain a new level.

High Constitution: 
To get High Constitution keep using a magic spell and keep using it 
even though you are out of mana. don't be scared if your health goes 
down. If you use the spell enough you hp will go back up and your 
constitution will be maxed out

Increased constitution:
Continue casting the magic arrow spell even after running out of mana. Stop 
casting the spell when your character's current and maximum hit points have 
increased. You character's constitution should also be increased. 

More HP:
Turn off visual effects in the options section under the file menu. Use a spell 
that increases your health. Use it until the screen stops showing your HP. 
Then, cast an attack spell (fireball, etc.) You will get a few thousand HP.

Maximum HP:
Cast any spell continuously until your mana reaches approximately -8000. When this 
happens the mana should stop decreasing when you cast a spell. Then, cast a healing 
spell and it will add to your HP until reaching 32767. Note: If you cast more health 
spells after you reach that number, your HP will turn into a negative number.

Easy item finding:
Create a character and select Detect Item as a first spell. Go to the dungeon, and 
save the game prior to descending a level in this or any dungeon. 
Enter the dungeon and cast Detect Items. If the items revealed are not desirable (spell 
books, armor, weapons, money), load the saved game and repeat. Since a different dungeon 
appears with each load, valuable items will eventually appear.

Easy treasure:
It is possible to save just before entering a level in order to load and reload that 
next level to hunt for valuable items. The best item to hunt for is a Wand Of Clone 
Monster. Save a few Wands Of Clone Monster. When you get to the levels with Hrungnir 
in Castle 1, or the Giant Kings in Castle 2, clone off the Giants however many at a 
time you can without getting killed in the process. When you kill off the cloned Giant 
Kings, you will get enormous amounts of treasure.

Submitted by: jacob

once you have spent about 5 to 10 mins in the castle fighting monsters. if you are having 
trouble beating sutur look at the sintence above do that then go to the shops on part 2 
save be for you do anything and then look into all the shops and if you dont find any for 
exsimple (con,dex,int,str potions) load your file up again then the stuff in the shops 
should of change then you keeping doing that intill you get what you want.
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